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5 Things You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Lash Extensions

If you regularly read my blog you know that I rank my lash extensions above all other beauty services and treatments. I shocked my readers a couple months ago when I said I would even give up getting my hair colored if I was forced to choose between the two. Luckily, my husband values our happy marriage so no forced choice has come to fruition. Why am I so obsessed with my lash extensions? Is that a serious question? Just look at the picture below! I get to bat my Bambi lashes for 3-4 weeks without ever putting on mascara, nor worrying about sweating at the gym (like that’s happened in the past 6 months) or taking a dip in the pool!

Now, before you get all excited because you just saw a deal on lash extensions via Groupon or LivingSocial,  I’m going to tell you right now you have to be very selective when it comes to choosing your lash extension stylist.  If you ask any top lash stylist, they will tell you horror stories of painful butcher jobs that they’ve had to fix.  I personally will only trust lash stylists who use XTreme Lashes  (you can find a stylist near you by visiting their site) since the company will not distribute product to a salon or spa unless the stylists go through rigorous training.  Also, their lashes are made of a safe synthetic material and the glue does not irritate my eyes.

Since I got my first set of luscious lashes from the reigning queen of lash extensions, Cheri Wroblewski of Lash Boutique (she’s done lashes for the likes of Molly Sims and Katherin McPhee), I’ve been stopped by women everywhere from the checkout girl at CVS to a woman getting a pedicure next to me at Bliss (by the way, she became one of Cheri’s regulars) to ask about my long lashes.  Once I reveal that my Bambis are lash extensions, the ladies tend to ask the same questions:

1. How long do they last?  It depends on how well you take care of them!  If you’re a good girl like me and you don’t get them wet for 48 hours after an application, you avoid steam, and you stay away from mascara and any products with oil, the lashes can last up to 4-5 weeks.

BEFORE: This is 4 weeks since last touch-up
AFTER: Voila! Bambi lashes!

 2. What is the application process like? Is it painful?  Depending on how many natural lashes you have (the stylist attaches an extension to each individual lash) and what look you want (dramatic vs. natural) the first application can take anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours, whereas touch-ups can take 45 – 90 minutes.  It is the furthest thing from painful, in fact I can’t remember a time I didn’t fall asleep during the session!  Basically, you lay down with your head on a pillow and the stylist puts little white pads under your eyes and then she glues individual lashes to your natural lashes.  Voila!

3. Can I get a more natural look or do all the lashes look like yours? Ladies, I opt for high drama when it comes to my lashes. I ask my current lash stylist, the uber-talented Joceyln Sisco from the Milvali Salon, to give me the kind of lashes that will cause a breeze.  As a brunette I can pull this look off, if you’re a blond you’re better off going a bit more natural. The lashes come in various lengths, thickness, and shape (some are curled) so your stylist can customize your look accordingly (you can even ask for a cat eye!).

4.  Will lash extensions damage my natural lashes? In my experience, no.  You can see that my natural lashes in the “BEFORE” picture are still healthy and plentiful.  In fact, Cheri once told me, “Lash extensions are actually kinder to your natural lashes because you don’t curl or apply mascara, which can dry out and even break your eyelashes.”

5. How much does it cost?  This obviously varies depending on city and venue, but your first set can cost $200 and up and touch-ups can range from $50 – $150.  Yes, it’s pricey but trust me when I say the first time you  wake up in the morning after one too many cocktails, look in the mirror thinking you’re going to find Bad Halloween and instead find bright-eyed Bambi you’ll understand the value of this investment.

The most important piece of advice I can give you is do not opt for bargain basement when it comes to lash extensions. You don’t want to take a risk of ending up with clumpy lashes that are painful to remove or worse a fungus infection. Yuck!  I’m not saying Xtreme Lashes is the only viable product line but make sure you do your research and find out what the lashes are made of (I personally would NEVER opt for mink. Who wants animal hair attached to their eye?) and double-check your lash stylist’s references.    I’m done with my lecturing so get yourself some Bambi lashes!

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