Wednesday, February 13, 2013

7 Days of Smooches Challenge: Day 6 Lipstick Queen ‘Medieval Lipstick’

Since my husband is probably having nightmares of being attacked by huge red lips and the guys at the office are probably wondering about his faint red mustache these past few days, I thought I would give him a break on Day 6 and go for another sheer. I’ve been using  Lipstick Queen ‘Medieval’ Lipstick ($20) for the past couple years to give myself a sheer, sensual, just-bitten look.  It’s the ideal lipstick for when you’re rocking a strong eye and you hate the way you look in nude lipsticks (I personally look like a cadaver when I wear a nude).  This is the perfect red for first-timers.  You know how people say Pinot Noir is the perfect red for first-time red drinkers? This is the perfect red for first-time red lipstick wearers.  It’s more of a pigmented balm than an actual lipstick. With its hydrating silky texture, it’s comprised entirely of vitamin E and pigment that leaves a sheer wash of red.


The True Test

I can tell my husband has enough of my hijinks since he’s usually very enthusiastic to kiss me. Every time I approach, he leaves the room. Finally I corner him and lay a smooch on him. Ha! I can’t see anything but a smile on his lips. His lips look great. He eyes me skeptically and heads to the bathroom to remove what he thinks is lipstick and says, “not bad” in his reflection but then wipes off the remains and shows me there is color on the tissue.  “See, there’s still color. But you couldn’t see it because it’s the same color of my lips,” he says, quite pleased with himself for his momentous discovery. Right… “Um, that’s the point honey. It’s a universal color that looks good on everyone’s lips.” And by the way, he did not look like he had anything on his lips post-kiss. He’s just being crusty. Actually, I better take that back since tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day and I’m holding out for purple Calla Lilies and Macarons.

The Verdict

I dont’ care what he says… This lipstick didn’t leave any color on his lips and it made my lips feel and look sensual and kissable. 5 out of 5 Smooches! 

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