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Battling My Bitchy Skin’s Latest Identity Crisis – Dry Patches, Blackheads, Puffy Eyes, Oh MY!

I am so over my skin which seems to be having a different psychotic episode every week.  I simply can’t keep up with its latest crisis.  This week it threw me a curve ball and decided to have several different conflicting issues at once — dry patches on my cheeks, blackheads on my nose, and terribly puffy eyes (which may be the result of the bag of pork rinds I scarfed down a couple days ago and the Chinese food I ate last night. In my defense I don’t usually consume so much sodium, but it sure tasted good at the time).

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When your skin freaks out like mine it’s time to get creative and make “spot-treating” a true art form.  Before you begin your art project, make sure you cleanse your skin and exfoliate with a gentle exfoliant like Exfoliant Doux Aromatique Aux 3 Roses (Gentle Aromatic Exfoliant)  ($31) or with a CLARISONIC Cleansing System ($149): 

Dry Patches

These are really pissing me off.  Sometimes I don’t discover them until I have my primer and foundation on and they show up through my foundation. Great. Then I get to make the choice — do I start over and re-cleanse my skin and go through my entire regimen again or pretend the ugly flakey dry patches aren’t taunting me in the mirror? Obviously (because I’m vain) I usually choose the former.  Once I know where the dry patches lurk, it’s easier for me to pre-treat them by patting on EVE LOM ‘Intense Hydration’ Serum ($95) which gives my skin an instant plump of hydration and continues to moisturize throughout the day. I use the serum right after my toner and let it absorb before applying my moisturizer and sunscreen. At night, I pat onto the dry patches EVE LOM Moisture Mask ($90) and let this hydrating powerhouse work its magic, leaving me patch-free by morning.


I thought this long-standing battle was over but no, those pesky asshole blackheads are back bigger and blacker than ever.  It takes every bone in my body to restrain myself from squeezing them, which I know will stretch them bigger and make my skin ever more irritated.  I’m close to having to hide my magnification mirror. Yes, it’s that bad.  So, how do I chase these unwanted oil fields away?  After I go over the damned area a couple times with my CLARISONIC I apply a thin mask of Dr. Brandt Skincare pores no more® vacuum cleaner ($45) which according to Sephora “Dr. Brandt pores no more® vacuum cleaner™ helps loosen blackheads by absorbing dirt and excess oil. The complexion is left smooth, clear, and refined.”  I love that I can feel the mask working and it tells me when to rinse by turning blue.  (I love idiot-proof products) After I rinse the mask I apply DermaDoctor ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’ blackhead treatment ($42).  According to Dermadoctor, “this biphasic formulation targets blackheads at their source, providing both rapid and long-term impact. Potent astringents provide rapid improvement in the appearance of pores. Long-term relief is achieved as this intensified medicated therapy deeply penetrates pores, eliminating trapped dirt, oils and pore-plugging debris.”  All I know is that after the 1-2 punch of  Dr. Brandt Skincare pores no more® vacuum cleaner and DermaDoctor ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’ blackhead treatment my blackheads look sooooo much smaller, and in some fabulous cases, completely disappear.

Puffy Eyes 

Now take it from someone who has always suffered from puffy eyes, there is no cure besides plastic surgery. I know that sucks to hear but I’m not going to lie to you and say the products I recommend are going to magically erase those unsightly puffs.  Now, if you’re someone who hardly ever suffers from puffy eyes then these products are more likely to help or if you’ve always had duffel bags under your eyes but this morning you woke up to steamer trunks then at least these products should help you get those bad boys back down to duffel bag status.  1) As soon as I wakeup I go to the fridge (you should always keep eye masks and de-puffing eye gels in the fridge) and grab a SEPHORA COLLECTION Instant Depuffing Eye Mask  ($6), a soothing hydrogel eye mask, and then I relax on the sofa with the mask on for 10 minutes.  2) Then I go back to the fridge and dab Fresh Lotus Eye Gel ($48) under my eyes (and above if my eyelids are puffy) with my ring finger. This eye gel has an instant tightening effect and with powerful anti-puff ingredients like cucumber and coffee extracts I usually see an immediate effect.

I can’t promise miracles with the above treatments (like that the dry patches, blackheads, and puffy eyes will never rear their ugly heads again) but I can promise that I definitely see immediate results and that these treatments shut up and normalize my bitchy skin until her next temper tantrum.

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