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Bliss Rubberizing Mask: Great As Long As You Don’t Lose the Measuring Cup

I was thrilled when I found out that Bliss was coming out with an “at home” version of their famous rubber mask, Bliss Fabulous Skin-Reviving Rubberizing Mask ($38), which I’ve enjoyed too many times as an expensive upgrade to their in-spa facials. (I find it’s tough for me to say no to upgrades and add-ons when I’ve been lulled into submission with a good neck and shoulder rub.  It’s like the aesthetician can smell blood in the water and knows precisely when to slap me with a $60 upgrade option)

What’s so great about this mask? It goes on cold (which instantly soothes irritated skin) and calms the anger and redness right out of my skin, leaving it glowing.  Its main ingredients (via Sephora):

Algin: Rubberizes the ingredients to allow key ingredients to be optimally absorbed by the skin. 

Seaweed: Draws out dirt and oil while exfoliating skin. Refines pores and reduces inflammation. Aids in natural hydration of your skin. 

Bilberry: Acts as an anti-inflammatory to soothe and nourish skin while reducing free radical damage that contributes to skin aging. Calms skin to reduce irritation and redness. 

Vitamin C: Brightens skin discolorations (hyper pigmentation), helps promote collagen building, and provides superior antioxidant action.

When I first bought the box (comes with 6 masks) I diligently studied and followed the directions.  I let it dry 20 minutes and then peeled off the rubberized mask to find tightened pores and a nice glow. I know it’s gross but I have to admit I get a thrill out of looking inside a rubberized mask and seeing what it pulled out of my pores.  In all truth, the mask didn’t completely peel off. I was left with white residue in my eyebrows, below my eyes, and in my hair (okay so I wasn’t so careful with the spatula) which I had to scrub at a bit with a wet towel. I still loved the results.

Fast forward two weeks to this past weekend…  My good friend Molly is in town from LA and I am eager for us to have some girly-girl wine-fueled playtime (let’s not forget I’m in Northern California now.  Gone are the days of Maria and I playing with makeup randomly after a few glasses of champagne).  We start off with me doing a cat eye demonstration (obviously), which Molly masters on her first try (obviously).  Then I suggest the Bliss masks as a fun alternative to the usual rinse-off mask. I escort Molly into the kitchen, hand her a bowl, and dole out the powder packets and spatulas. I look again at the directions and then in the empty box. No measuring cup.  I frantically search the kitchen and my makeup area — nada.   So after coming to the conclusion that I couldn’t find the measuring cup you would think I would switch gears and perhaps suggest one my other masks (and when I say “other” I mean 50 or 60) but no, I held strong to my vision of rubber.

I look at Molly and I can tell she’s a little skeptical as to what I am going to suggest next.  I quickly gather a couple small finger bowls and fill them with water, handing one to her. She raises one perfectly-plucked eyebrow at me. I confidently tell her, “Don’t worry… I have a strong vision of the measuring cup!” The brow keeps its position.

“Mix!” I dump my water in my bowl and started mixing.  I watched Molly gradually add the water little-by-little to her bowl, delicately yet swiftly combining the ingredients.  As soon as we’re done mixing we march to the bathroom with our concoctions and I immediately start slathering on my watery mess.  Molly finishes and then watches me in the mirror as the mask drips off my face and all over the bathroom.  I look at her creamy mask, meticulously distributed all over her face, and then back at my face which looks like a Dalí.  Molly hands me her bowl, “Go ahead sweetie and use the rest….”  Oh, I saw pity in her eye.

So imagine my watery mess starts to solidify and then I start lumping Molly’s thicker mask on top of it.  I know I should have taken a picture, but I was honestly afraid of getting the mask near electronics.  When it was time to peel off my face looked like a Horror Special Effects class project.  Some of the mask came off in large chunks while other parts were thin and hard to remove. Fun times. I ended up using my Clarisonic to get the stubborn stuff off.  The good news?  Tighter pores, softened, brightened skin, but a very messy bathroom.

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    Janna sounds like a possible costume for next years Halloween!
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