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Bridal Skin Care Bootcamp: 6 Weeks Prior to the Big Day

Brides-to-be ask me all the time about my skincare regimen before my wedding. Now keep in mind I’m not your average beauty addict so you can imagine my regimen was a bit more involved than most brides. But why take a chance that your skin isn’t going to  look amazing on your big day? You’re spending all that money on a dress, makeup, and hair — you best put some of that budget aside for your skin! You need to start planning for your glowing skin at least 6 weeks prior:

1. Book a dermatologist appointment.  I don’t care if you have dry skin, oily skin, redness, sensitivity, occasional breakouts or all of the above…  You need a dermatologist to ensure you’re ready for the big day. Aside from redness and the very occasional pimple I had pretty good skin therefore I didn’t even have a dermatologist. I put my feelers out with my friends and got hooked up with a good doc who didn’t seem surprised at all when I told him nothing was really wrong but that I needed to make sure my skin looked its best.  He prescribed an anti-biotic for the redness, a benzyl peroxide wipe for the redness / occasional breakout, and some foul-smelling gel for acneI can’t remember the name of. I was shocked that he would prescribe acne treatments for my redness but it seemed to work without drying me out! Doc knew what he was talking about!

2. Oxygen Facials. Book weekly oxygen facials for the next 6 weeks, preferably Intraceuticals facials which include hydrating and anti-aging infusions that really plump your skin. The Intraceuticals’ oxygen is also highly pressurized which gives you more results. I know 6 facials sound excessive and expensive but I really believe that was what made my skin look so glowy on my big day.  It also definitely helped with redness and fine lines.  Book your last facial the day before your wedding if possible. I feel like the results are most visible 24 hours post-facial. (BTW to find an Intraceutials facial just click on the hyperlinked name and it takes you right to a ‘finder’)

3. Start a Strict Daily Regimen. Now’s the time to stop acting like you’re still in college. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR FALLING ASLEEP IN YOUR MAKEUP!!  Make sure you are thoroughly cleansing your skin at night. If you don’t have sensitive skin then invest in a Clarisonic ($199). These power-cleaner brushes really make a difference and trust me you’re going to need that brush after your makeup consults! If your skin tends on the dry or irritated side, after you cleanse your skin smooth on a nourishing face oil like Orico Superico Vitamin Rich Face Oil ($47).  My skin literally slurps up this hydrating oil and it calms my redness and banishes my dryness. In the morning follow with your usual regimen (that better include a separate sunscreen or I will hunt you down and kick your bridal ass). At night, apply a good eye cream like Sunday Riley Start Over Eye Cream ($85) which has really helped with my circles and fine lines, though it took a few weeks to see a difference so give it time. Then follow with the Superico Oil, and seal it all in with  Korres Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Mask ($45) which you can read about why I recommend this soothing sleeping mask here.

You’re almost there! You may still have to worry about where you’re going to seat your problem uncle who turns into lucifer after a few brewskies but at least your skincare won’t be a concern.

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