Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cali Move: First Task, Luscious Lashes (Check.)

I’m not going to lie to you… I seriously had doubts about finding someone out here who could give me lashes like Cheri did at Lash Boutique.  I’ve been faithfully wearing her lash extensions for almost two years, and I have to say my lashes are a “must have” even above coloring my hair.  (I’m hoping my husband doesn’t read this post.  If he does, “Danny, this would be in a hypothetical emergency situation when I couldn’t choose both. It’s just imaginary.)

I struggled with this decision, but I wouldn’t be completely grey if I went au natural.  And to be quite honest, yes it would suck to wake up in the morning and look in the mirror to find salt and pepper hair.  But guess what… that salt and pepper hair ain’t looking too shabby if I’ve got some Bambi eyelash extensions to bat at myself in the mirror.  Let’s first talk about the fact that I never have to wear mascara. NEVER!  I get to have these meow lashes and I only need fill-ins once a month.

So you can understand the need for alarm and a call to action when I found out we were moving to Marin in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I immediately reached out to Xtreme Lashes, the company who makes my fabulous Bambis.  Cheri told me from Day 1 the reason she loves Xtreme is not only are the lashes and glue durable and wearable for sensitive eyes, Xtreme requires every technician to go through rigorous training.   The lashes last, they look great, and I have the confidence that my technician has been properly trained.  I mean come on, have you seen the eyelash extensions gone wrong stories? Who wants to take that risk?

Xtreme got back to me promptly with a few different technicians based on location. I chose Jocelyn Sisco at MilVali Salon and Cosmetics in Mill Valley, CA because I liked the salon’s reviews on Yelp  and it’s only ten minutes away.  The first thing I noticed about Jocelyn were her flawless winged eyes (she’s also a professional makeup artist).  I knew we were going to get along famously.  She started by meticulously cleaning my lashes and then applied a creative mix of different curvatures and lengths of lashes.  The end result was GORGEOUS.  By the way, I apologize that I’m not showing you the “after” shot. My camera and I got in a big fight. Then my iPhone camera got involved and blamed it on the bad light.

I promise there will be no excuses from me nor my gadgets next time I see Jocelyn, and I assure you there will be a next time. By the look of these lashes, you’re probably  not going to see that “after” pic for another four or five weeks. Nicely done, Jocelyn. Nicely done.

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