Thursday, January 24, 2013

Celebrity Beauty Blind Item: Who is Taking Her Hair to Dangerous 80s Heights?

It’s time to be bitchy and figure out my Celebrity Beauty Blind Item! Guess which diva-slash-actress went on a morning show this week looking like she was promoting a remake of Working Girl?  We’re talking bangs at least 4 inches high and sprayed to the bejesus.  This diva is usually flawless in the beauty department so you can imagine how shocked I was when I saw this incriminating photo.  Aside from the sprayed to the sky bangs, her ends look like they’ve taken a beating from all the highlights and hot tools, making her hair appear dry and brittle.

What should she do? First of all, she needs to fire her hairstylist who could be stabbed in certain circles for trying to bring back the Staten Island 80s trend.  Judging by this pic of him (it’s a him, right?), he’s trying to recreate his own rockin’ coif on our Diva.  Second, our Diva needs to get herself a deep conditioning treatment at a salon. Third, she needs to follow up with a weekly mask like Phytocitrus Restructuring Mask for Color-Treated Hair ($38), which is perfect for treating overly-abused tresses.  I mean come on… you would think a woman who demands everything in a hotel be white before she steps foot would expect a bit more from her beauty team.

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    A little to late but, im new and love your site.. And for sure is JLO. So she got stuck back in the days of In Living Color…. LOL!!!


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