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Finding Your New Fall Wardrobe (For Your Pout, Obviously)

Leave the back-to-school shopping for the soccer moms and celebrate Fall by revamping your lipstick wardrobe!  Lipstick can’t make you look fat, remember?  In fact, it can make you feel quite fabulous if you choose the right shade.  The Fall 2012 fashion shows were all about the dark berry lip, but you don’t necessarily need to go all out vamp to be on trend this season.  I mean even Pam wears a nice classic red:

 Gif via Sodahead

I tested 5 gorgeous lipsticks — all varying in color, opacity, and price  — yet they all come from the red berry family.  Now if you’re thinking “Is she f’ing crazy? There’s no way I could pull off a red,” back away from your little safe pink lipgloss haven and trust me.  These flattering shades will add instant sex kitten status, whether you’re blond, brunette, ginger, etc.

1. Bite Beauty Lush Lip Tint Raspberry  ($24) This lip tint smells so good (like fresh rasperries) you’ll want to lick it off.  And if you do, the good news is it’s free of parabens, sulfates and every other nasty ingredient that you usually see on a tube of lipstick.  Packed with powerhouse hydrators  like pure argan oil, vitamin E and fruit butters, this glossy lip tint acts more like a moisturizing lipstick, leaving a sheer, yet pigmented glossy color that gets more intense with additional layers.  My one complaint is it’s lack of staying power. It didn’t survive a couple drinks, but I did love that I found myself rubbing my lips together every 10 seconds like a crazy person because it felt so creamy and delicious.

2. Lipstick Queen ‘Saint’ Lipstick Wine ($20):  I’ve been wearing this lipstick since it launched, in fact I wore it on my wedding day (see below). I instantly fell in love with it’s sheer true wine color and creamy consistency. It definitely has more staying power than the Bite but it won’t last as long as the rest of its competitors, though it is still definitely my “go to” for a day look.

3. Lancome ‘Rouge in Love Tonight is My Night’ Lipstick Fiery Attitude  ($25) Ding, ding, ding!! We have a winner!  This lipstick wins the top honor for having the best opacity and staying power while keeping my lips moist.  It glides on creamy and leaves a glossy finish.  As advertised, it lasted 6 hours and didn’t bleed nor dry out my lips.  Even though the lipstick tube is smaller than its peers, it doesn’t matter since you only need one swipe to last half the day.  Added bonus? It smells of roses! Winner.

4. Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick Euphoria 360 ($7.99) For those of you who have read my blog since the early days, you’ll remember this lipstick was my first Drugstore Cowgirl post.  When I first saw the ad of Jessica Stam (see below) with her perfectly opaque pout I knew I had to try it. When I found out that rockstar makeup artist Pat McGrath was the new Creative Director for CoverGirl and had designed the Lip Perfection line I quickly went out and bought it.  It’s surprisingly hydrating for a long-lasting lip color and it leaves a nice satin finish. Its only downfall is it smells like crayons, but at $7.99 a tube I’ll deal with smelling like a Crayola. By the way, if you can’t shell out $25 for the Lancome Rouge in Love, this lipstick is a perfect budget alternative. It doesn’t last 6 hours but it certainly lasts longer than the standard lipstick.

5. SEPHORA COLLECTION Rouge Cream Lipstick Courtisane 02 ($12) This lipstick was a close second to the Lancome Rouge in Love for its intensely pigmented color and super-long staying power.  Even though this is a newly revamped hydrating version of  Sephora Lip Attitude Chic,  it still doesn’t have the level of moisturizing power of the Lancome Rouge in Love.   What it does have is the power of a lip stain without drying the lips or leaving a flat finish.

As we all know, I’m not one to “cut back” when it comes to beauty products. These lipsticks are no exception.  Yes, you can be frugal and just choose one, or, you can roll like me and buy them all and wear them for different occasions.  Why spend hundreds of dollars on a Fall wardrobe of clothes when you can buy yourself  instant glam for under $100??  Trust me, swipe on any of these beauties and no one will notice you’re wearing a sweater from last season.  It’s totally logical, right?

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