Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hair How To: Add a Little Candy Color to that Summer Braid

I know what you’re thinking… This summer’s hot color-streaking trend is for tweens and Halloween.  Au contraire!  From Nicole Richie (30) riding the pink ombre trend  to Joan Rivers (78) rocking subtle bright highlights  (I’ve seen her with pink highlights and most recently with yellow streaks), everyone seems to be dipping into the rainbow for some summery inspiration.  The one downfall of this trend is it seems to have a “no brunettes” rule, unless you’re willing to make a huge commitment by bleaching chunks of your hair to show off the color (which my sister has been doing for years, integrating purples and blues into her dark curly hair).

I personally am not ready for that kind of commitment so instead I’m living vicariously through my blond friend Kelsey (photo).   I would like to highlight  that Kelsey gets the award for “best sport ever” since she is so not a girly-girl and allowed me to experiment with her golden locks (after we worked out, mind you, and she’s not wearing a stitch of makeup).  Now, I know that hair chalking is one of the most popular methods of achieving this look, but the chalk dust gets really messy and if you don’t follow the rules precisely you can end up with Bad Halloween (which can also be hard to wash out).

I went the easy route and used Streekers (11.95) on Kelsey, temporary hair color which comes in 8 vibrant hues, dries quickly without flaking, and washes out with one shampoo.  You can use Streekers’ sponge tip applicator for subtle highlights or follow these easy steps to achieve Kelsey’s look:What you will need: Rubber gloves, a hair dye brush (you can get these at any beauty supply store), a couple paper plates, and a cup with water (to rinse brush in-between colors)1) Separate out the 3 hair sections you want to color and braid and secure 2 of the sections with clips2) Put on your rubber gloves and shake some of color #1 onto a plate.  With one hand hold the un-clipped section of hair and with the other hand dip the brush into the color and paint the section until it’s saturated.  Hold section until it dries (1-2 minutes) and then loosely clip it out of the way.

3) Follow Step #2 for other 2 sections, always allowing the color to dry completely before clipping

4) Once all 3 sections are dry, use a natural bristled brush to soften the hair one section at a time (the dye makes it a little crispy otherwise)

5) Once the hair is brushed, go ahead and rock out your candy-colored braid and fasten with a clear elastic

6) Optional: Add some extra oomph by painting the hair next to the braid yellow to make the braid colors stand out even more


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