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Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist Charlie Green: Part 2

I know I left you ladies hanging for Part 2 of my interview with the brilliant Charlie Green (click here to read Part 1), but A. I decided to be greedy and ask Charlie for a second interview (and she generously obliged!) B. you’ll get over it when you read the treasure trove of advice that Charlie bestowed:

Beauty Binge (BB): What risk SHOULD women be taking in makeup that most are not? And how can they easily achieve this?

Experiment! Be brave and try some color instead of safe neutrals… It’s only makeup and you can wash it off if you hate it; its not a tattoo! Take an afternoon cruising the makeup counters, checking out new trends and textures. Maybe try and have a couple of makeovers at the counters and don’t forget to take your photo on a cell phone to remember the techniques and tips the makeup artist gave you. You don’t need to recreate the whole look at home, but if you learned a technique or two then that’s major!

BB: What is your secret to covering up a blemish?

Good question! Most importantly apply concealer only where needed.  I like to use a little on a tiny makeup brush and aim directly for the reddest area then ‘feather’ out the edges with a fingertip or sponge. The most important thing is you need to learn the difference between concealer for blemishes and under eye concealer. One is more opaque and matte giving excellent hiding power for blemishes and the other is more creamy and usually light reflective to suit delicate skin around the eyes. Now imagine the mess you can make if you switched these two formulas and used an under eye concealer on a blemish — the result would be a highlighted greasy mess!  And if you accidentally put a matte medicated blemish concealer under your eyes the result would be crows’ feet city!

BB: How about puffy eyes? (I’m asking this for my own selfish benefit)

If you have puffy eyes the first step would be to work out what is aggravating the condition. It is natural to wake up with a slight puffiness around the eyes as lying horizontal while asleep encourages body fluids to pool. Be aware of foods and drinks that can make you retain water– sodium, alcohol, etc. I advise sleeping with your head slightly elevated and getting up an hour earlier on important days so you can counter the effects of gravity and be upright allowing the puffiness to dissipate. If you are posing for a photo and your eyes are puffy or dark, always remember these two tips —  1) Directly face your light source for the best possible lighting 2) Elevate your chin a little up and away from the camera as this will help flatter all face shapes and detract from under eye baggage.  

BB: What are your top 5 “must have” items?

1. Primer ( for use with or without foundation for an airbrushed look) 2. Eyebrow pencil 3. Waterproof eye pencil 4. Perfume 5. Concealer and/or blush to rub on cheeks and lips.

BB:  If you were forced to choose only one makeup brand to work with the rest of your career…

I would choose Make Up For Ever!  I have so much respect for their creativity and dynamic color collections. They are everything a good cosmetics line should be — a huge range of shades to suit every skin tone, color offerings up the wazoo and back again, and don’t forget sensational brushes and tools. You could honestly create any makeup style from a neutral blushing bride to a glam rock Lady Gaga explosion from the Make Up For Ever makeup counter.

BB: If you could choose one celeb to work with, dead or alive…

More than celebrities, I dream of working with certain photographers. I would love to have worked with legendary photographer Helmut Newton — his photos of women were so strong, dynamic, sensual, and very daring and unafraid of criticism… And he loved a high heel with a great red lip!

BB: When are you coming out with your own line?? 

Watch this space!!

Obviously Charlie got me anxious to find out what she’s cooking up as far as her own line (Charlie, if you’re reading this and you need testers look no further) and I started practicing in the mirror her tip for camouflaging puffy and dark eyes in photos (it really works!!).  Charlie also gave me some valuable knowledge on how to achieve this Fall’s most flattering trends, but I guess you’ll just have to wait for this weekend when I review the most wearable trends from the runways!






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  1. October 11, 2012 at 10:32 am, Carole said:

    Love this interview. I took a picture of the watercolor look and plan to imitate. I had a girl’s reunion last weekend and played with cobalt blue eye shadow and three white stars on my eyes. Fun to play!


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