Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Giving Mom a Little Glamour and Pampering… (via Huff Po)

I thought I would create a modern Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Huffington Post this week.  Let’s face it… Flowers and gifts from Things Remembered are so 20 years ago. Be original on Mother’s Day and give her what she really wants! And for those of you who are already mommies… I urge you to forward the article to your hubbys and baby daddys… Obviously I chose gifts I would love as an expecting mother for Mother’s Day (actually for any occasion)!

Or, if you’ve already gotten Mom a gift and you’re not a mommy then go nuts and buy yourself something nice. I mean you deserve a little retail love, right? Binge on babies!

Read my Huffington Post Mother’s Day Gift Guide by clicking here!

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