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Beauty Binge’s Favorite Blog Posts of 2012

2012 was such an amazing year for my little blog — I was chosen to be a finalist in the Allure Magazine Beauty Blogger Awards, I got to interview one of my idols Celebrity Makeup Artist Charlie Green, and I got my own podcast. Seriously, I am one lucky lady to have been able to grow my blog so quickly, and it’s 100% due to you lovelies who kept reading throughout the year.  I promise to deliver ever more beauty addict meltdowns and scoldings for not wearing primer and SPF in 2013.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy re-reading my favorite posts from 2012 as much as I did:

#1 Wowza! I’m a Finalist in Allure Magazine’s Beauty Blogger Awards!!!  I still can’t believe that after only being born 6 months prior, Beauty Binge was chosen by the “Beauty Experts” from thousands of other beauty blogs to participate in their Beauty Blogger Awards. It was such an honor and I owe a HUGE thanks to all of your for enduring my relentless campaigning and for voting for me!

#2 Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist Charlie Green Talk about lucky… In a total stab in the dark I blindly reached out to Charlie Green who has artfully made up the likes of everyone from Gisele and Heidi Klum to Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie.  You can imagine my elation when she immediately wrote back that she had been reading my blog for months!!  She generously gave me a lengthy interview full of fun stories and valuable makeup tips. The interview was so kick ass I split it up into two posts so is not to leave out any juicy details — you can read Part 2 of the interview here.  Added bonus?  She is insanely down-to-earth and fun.  She’s one of those people I could talk to all day. Thank you, Charlie!!!

#3 Getting Waterboarded in a Watsu Massage at the Mauna Lani Spa in Hawaii  While I may have been traumatized during the experience, I certainly had a lot of fun writing this post and re-reading it for a good chuckle.  From having to put my arms around the funny little man in the wife beater to having water splash in my face while he attempted to sway me around a warm pool on an 80 degree day, this recipe for disaster at least resulted in some good material.

#4 Oscars Special: Ten Most Beautiful and Iconic Hair & Makeup Looks of All Time  I have been a big-time movie fanatic since I was a little girl sitting on my grandma’s couch watching the likes of Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Sophia Loren steal the screen.  I LOVED putting together this list and clicking through all the beautiful faces, spotting all the trends that came from these ladies’ performances that made them forever beauty icons.

#5 A Little Banter with Josh Radnor…  I loved being able to interview my lifelong friend Josh Radnor (yes he was just as adorable at 15 that he is today) who was able to leverage his huge success on CBS sitcom  How I Met Your Mother to being able to write, direct, produce, and star in his own critically-acclaimed movies. I was lucky enough to be at the Sundance Festival this past year when his latest movie “Liberal Arts” got a standing ovation, and then I got to interview him about the movie and of course ask him what products he uses in his curly hair to make it so fabulous.


Honorable Mention:  Podcast: Why Does Your Makeup Look Like Sh*t??  This is my first podcast and probably my favorite. Though rough around the edges since it was my first time, I still had so much fun ripping celebrities and sharing makeup tips with one of my favorite people in the world Makeup Artist Maria Luxen.  I’m totally digging this podcast thing and I hope you ladies will tune in!

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