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NVEY ECO: The “ECO” is the Only Part to Envy — Guest Post by Maria Luxen

If you follow my blog you know Maria Luxen is a longtime BFF and has always been very generous with her mad makeup skills. The founder of Makeup Mayhem, Maria is a busy little bee doing makeup for fashion shoots around NYC including  the likes of Vogue Italia and ASOS.  Since I’m stranded here on the West Coast I miss out on product launches and such and since the NVEY ECO is a new makeup line I figured I would send the expert to the launch party…

When Janna asked me to attend the North American launch of NVEY ECO, an organic makeup line founded and based in Australia, I was psyched!  I am yet to find an organic makeup line that has the texture and pigment I need as a makeup artist.  Having done some research before I attended the launch party, I discovered that the line was founded in 2005 with the expertise of Rohan Widdison whose mother Helen Abicair founded the acclaimed Melbourne Beauty College in 1958. Rohan has been director of the Helen Abicair Beauty college for the past 21 years.  With these credentials, I was sure this line was going to be flawless!
Much to my dismay, my flawless assumption was truely flawed…  I received two neutral colored eyeshadows and a lip gloss to take home with me.  I wanted to try out some of their eye-popping colors I had seen in the promotional materials so I could test the pigment factor.  I put in my requests with the publicist but the company was only able to send me more neutral colors.  I knew the only way to truly test the product would be to use it on a model, so I  began (of course) by getting her  moisturized, sunscreened and primed before applying any makeup (I know Janna is nodding in approval while reading this).

The first product I used was NVEY ECO’s Creme Deluxe Flawless Foundation in Nude ($60).  The first red flag was the texture, which was not a creme but more like a disk of frozen paste that I had to warm significantly with friction to have any product adhere to my brush.  Once it became more plyable, I spent more than 15 minutes blending it on my model’s skin (just to give you an idea, this normally would take me about 3 mins).  My model also commented that it felt sticky on her skin. Once I told her to stop bitching I saw that it did give good coverage, but I just don’t have enough time on set or in my personal life to consider using it again.

Next, I used NVEY ECO’s #3 Eye Shadow Palette – 5 Colour Collection ($75.95) which as I noted before contains all neutral, earth tone colors.  I found the eyeshadow texture okay but nothing remarkable, especially pigment-wise.  I next used NVEY ECO’s Volumising Black Mascara ($29.95) which gave very neutral coverage.  You will not get vampy or dramatic lashes as a result of using this mascara, so if you need a natural look and/or have sensitive eyes, this may be worth a shot.

Then I applied NVEY ECO Natural Nourishing Bronzer ($49.95) which was way too dark on my model’s pale skin, and being the lighter of their two bronzers, this was surprising to me.  After I removed some of the bronzer, I applied their Powder Blush in Blushing Rose ($29.95).  This had a nice soft color for the apples of my model’s cheeks, but it was nothing to write home about especially at $29.95 a pop.

I finished my model’s look with Advance Care Lip Color #373 ($29.95) ( a number is harder to remember than a name, NVEY ECO) which had a very similar consistency to the “creme” foundation, sticky and extremely difficult to apply.  The last product I used and probably the only NVEY ECO item I would buy was the Hydrating Lip Lustre in Oasis ($29.95).  This had a great texture and opalescent color which really showed off the lips.

In summary, I wouldn’t recommend any of NVEY ECO’s products, except perhaps the Hydrating Lip Lustre.  Their price point is too high for the quality when you can get organic brands such as Physician’s Formula Organic Wear  or Lavera for about half the price.

So as you can see there’s really nothing to “Nvey”.

Thank you to the beautiful Ms. Maria (pictured below). Don’t forget to visit her site Makeup Mayhem to see her fabulous work and if you are in the tri-state area and you have a special event coming up, email Maria to do your makeup! You can contact her by clicking the envelope in the upper right hand corner of her homepage.

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