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Red Carpet Beauty Regurgitation (I mean Recap) from the SAG Awards

I’m not going to spend too much on the Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet because, um, it’s the Screen Actors Guild Awards.  Enough said. BUT since the glitterati bothered getting all dolled up (thank GOD that frightful “no makeup” trend didn’t poison the SAG awards red carpet) I  want to share a few of my favorite looks to both love and hate on.  (And yes, for those of you who were wondering… Despite my past red carpet hate fests, I am capable of recognizing beauty when I see it.  I mean it’s not my fault if the starlets show up to the red carpet looking like a nightmare. What do you want me to do? Lie? I think not.)

Freida Pinto: Obviously I’m going to start with perfection. Her makeup artist was smart enough to just let Freida’s gorgeous skin be the star.  I see warm tones on her eyelids and navy eyeliner on her lower lash line — something I wouldn’t have necessarily put together but it really works.  I love the bold natural brow but I probably would have added just a little more sheer color to her lip. And how adorable is her faux tucked-under bob? Totally changes her look and works with dress.

Amanda Seyfried: Now this is interesting… I thought she looked STUNNING until I saw the close-ups.  If I saw her on the red carpet I would have whipped out my Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer and touched her up in the bathroom (though the “no primer” or “shitty primer” issue wouldn’t have been able to be fixed at that point). The makeup artist spent so much time on the lavender eye makeup (which looked gorgeous against her blue eyes) she/he forgot to conceal those dark circles. And by the way, look at those lines on her forehead! Who do she think she is, Jennifer Aniston? Amanda, if you’re reading this I can tell you your skin is dehydrated and you need to do an oxygen facial before big events like this.  You also need a good regular exfoliation and I hate to make ugly accusations, but it looks to me like you’re not even wearing primer. We need to talk.

Nicole Kidman: Wow, what can I even say here? Nicole is a couple injections away from becoming Meg Ryan.  This is a woman who was so naturally stunning and decided to butcher her face with fillers and botox.  Her hair? Way too severe to flatter that frozen forehead. She needs some soft waves and bangs would do her good. As for her makeup… I like the navy eye makeup but her top lids looks so puffy I wish her makeup artist would have contoured a bit in her crease.  And is it me, or do her lips look blue?

Julianna Margulies: I’m pretty sure the star of “The Good Wife” gets my best in beauty award for the night. She took a red carpet risk by going for the mod “Mad Men” hair, but it totally worked with her black and white dress.  I am loving all over that teased bump and headband, which by the way gives her an instant facelift.  Her makeup was classic and subtle with emphasis on those perfectly arched brows.  I liked that she didn’t go too far with the mod theme (it would be way too costume if she carried the theme to her makeup). Oh and by the way Nicole Kidman, have you noticed that Julianna has wrinkles YET her skin is still flawless?  She said no to the needle and she looks amazing.

Marion Cotillard: I have such a girl crush on her.  She is just classically stunning.  I am so glad she got rid of those tacky hair extensions she was wearing at The Globes.   I love the asymmetrical bob with the swept over bangs. Totally works with her face shape.  Her makeup is perfection (of course) with navy-rimmed eyes and pale pink lips.

Claire Danes: Don’t be shocked, but I actually liked her hair and makeup. Yes, it’s a complete departure from what she did at The Globes but that’s kind of the point. She can pull it off.  The hair in a messy loose ponytail is modern red carpet glam and she has the perfect-length layers to give it the right drama.  Makeup: she can totally pull of that black cherry lip especially since the eyes were done so subtly in peachy pinks. And by the way, now that I see how those peachy pinks bring out the blue in her eyes I am definitely going to try this entire look at home (especially since I’m such a whore for a black cherry lip).

Rose Byrne: I want to like the hair, I really do. I’m a huge fan of Downton Abbey so you would think I would be all over the sculpted finger waves, but her hair looked greasy from too much product and quite frankly like she had a bad case of hat head.  It just didn’t work for me.  And I’ll be honest I wasn’t feeling the makeup either. Even though the pink lipstick matched her dress, her lips are too thin for a pink and I kind of thought it aged her. I also thought her skin looked really flat. Strategically placed highlighter would have made a huge difference.


Am I being too harsh or am I spot on??

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  1. January 29, 2013 at 12:30 pm, cat said:

    you are hysterical and completely SPOT ON!!! I agree with all your points :))
    BTW, I am having a girls party & trunk show for a fashion designer friend of mine and a jewelry designer friend. Can I promote you any which way at this venue? It’s at my house on Feb 23rd…let me know how I can help promote the fabulous Janna….Love, love,


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