Monday, January 28, 2013


Amanda Seyfried: Now this is interesting… I thought she looked STUNNING until I saw the close-ups. If I saw her on the red carpet I would have whipped out my Cle de Peau concealer and touched her up in the bathroom (though the “no primer” or “shitty primer” issue wouldn’t have been able to be fixed at that point). The makeup artist spent so much time on the lavender eye makeup (which looked gorgeous against her blue eyes) she/he forgot to conceal those dark circles. And by the way, look at those lines on her forehead! Who do she think she is, Jennifer Aniston? Amanda, if you’re reading this I can tell you your skin is dehydrated and you need to do an oxygen facial before big events like this. You also need a good regular exfoliation and I hate to make ugly accusations, but it looks to me like you’re not even wearing primer. We need to talk.

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