Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Staging Intervention for: AmorePacific Skincare (I’m Doing This Because I Care…)

Dear AmorePacific Skincare,

I hate to do this intervention with you publicly but there are so many others who are joined with me in voice and spirit on this topic that I feel it’s the only way to truly get your attention.  Let me start by saying that your products are beautiful. Your quest to utilize the finest Asian Botanicals and enlist the top scientists and researchers to develop your line has resulted in truly innovative products.  I mean come on, you hold over 140 global patents in green tea and skin related technology! Your AMOREPACIFIC ‘Time Response Skin Renewal’ Foundation SPF 18  ($90) beats out every Foundation, BB Cream, and Tinted Moisturizer I’ve ever tried.  It calms and soothes my bitchy drama queen skin and hides all the redness and imperfections that her temper tantrums leave behind.

I often use your AMOREPACIFIC ‘Moisture Bound’ Skin Energy Hydration Delivery System ($35) throughout the day to battle the blaring dry air from the heater and give my skin an instant hydrating refresher.  I feel like I can actually feel my skin plumping, like it wakes up the skincare I applied in the morning.

So you’re wondering what this is all about, right? I’ll tell you what this is about… Every time I spray the refresher or open one of your cleansers or cream I have to hold my nose. There I said it.  Your products smell like an old lady.  I’m not talking about that pleasant Grandma smell, I’m talking about the kind of headachy over-the-top floral that makes me wish for a sinus infection.  Yep, it’s that bad.  In fact recently my friend Monica told me she got a few samples of a skincare line from Sephora.  She loved the moisturizer but had to stop using it because the smell made her nauseous. The first words out of my mouth, “It wasn’t Amore Pacific, was it?” Of course it was. No lie. (By the way Monica, I hope you don’t mind I used your name but I felt it added validity to this intervention process)

Listen AmorePacific, it’s not too late for you.  With your army of scientists and fields of green tea (AmorePacific is the only skincare company I know  who grows all their own green tea) and other Asian botanicals, I know you can revise your formula to smell more herbal and better reflect your botanical roots.  If you choose to ignore this intervention and my pleading words I will be forced to stop using your AMOREPACIFIC ‘Moisture Bound’ Skin Energy Hydration Delivery System because it makes my room smell like old people and I will not buy your new AMOREPACIFIC ‘Moisture Bound’ Refreshing Masque ($90) even though I’m dying to try it.  Know that I’m here for you if you need to talk but also know that I mean serious business.


Janna from Beauty Binge

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3 Responses to “Staging Intervention for: AmorePacific Skincare (I’m Doing This Because I Care…)”

  1. January 23, 2013 at 12:17 am, Angela said:

    Perhaps if they made it smell like old people making Sunday gravy or old people making Apple Pie with coffee ice cream …then I would think not only would I buy it but we could all cook less!


  2. April 01, 2014 at 12:30 am, Brande Roderick said:

    You read my mind! I purchased the AmorePacific line for the first time today. I was so excited to try it. I got home opened the first bottled and was shocked by the over powering floral smell. Almost unbearable. It felt like I was rubbing my face with perfume. It had so much perfume it the product I’m worried I may get a rash. I really wanted to give this product a fair shot, but I don’t know if I can take so much perfume in a product. I hope your intervention reaches the powers that be. Brande


    • April 01, 2014 at 12:40 am, janna said:

      I wish they would listen to us but I fear our woes are falling on deaf ears. The quality of the product is beautiful but wow that fragrance is a killer.


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