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Summer Hair Care: How to Protect and Style Your Tresses During the Long, Hot Summer!


Ahhh… The summer means long days at the beach or lazing out on the deck. Sure, you remembered to put SPF on your face and body, but what about your hair? Think about how much you spend on your hair. If you’re like me you’re investing in regular cuts, colors, deep conditioning treatments, occasional blowouts (weather permitting, of course) and a cabinet full of products. (Okay, so I’m not the norm.) Even if you don’t take your hair care to an alarming level like me, you’re investing something whether it’s money, time, energy or all of the above.  So why not protect your investment??


  • I’m going to tell you right now you’re not going to like this… The best thing you can do to prevent the sun from damaging your hair is eliminating all tools that emit heat. Yes, I’m being serious.  Especially those of you who are ironing your hair everyday to prevent the evil humidity from ruining your perfect blowouts, put down your irons slowly and put them away for Fall.
  • Incorporate at least one multi-tasking leave-in conditioner into your daily regimen like Black 15 in 1 Miracle Hair Treatment ($20), which not only conditions, but protects hair from UV rays, pollution, and other environmental factors. I spray it on when I first get out of the shower.


  • I hate to sound predictable but obviously the best thing you can do to protect your hair is wear a hat!  I know that you usually don’t equate “beach sexy” with big straw hat, but guess what — the alternative is having dry, faded, frizzled hair.  Not sexy.  And of course the bigger the hat brim, the more your face is protected. (Guess what else isn’t sexy?  A leather face to match your frizzled hair!)  If you would rather channel Brigitte Bardot in Cannes, wrap your head in a 60’s print scarf and complete the look with some oversized  sunglasses.

  • Use products that contain SPF like Living Proof Restore Revitalizing Spray 5.5 oz($26), a multi-tasking protecting powerhouse packed with UV filters and PolyfluoroEster to defend hair against heat and UV damage. This ultra-light hairspray is barely detectable on my hair, and even after I sprayed it directly on my hands it left zero sticky residue.  I use this spray every day, several times a day. (Don’t forget your hair is no different from your face when it comes to SPF. You need to reapply often!)  If tragedy strikes and you find yourself helpless on the beach without a hat nor any SPF hair products just apply a big dollop of your skin SPF to your hair (wet hair is the easiest) and comb through.


If you stubbornly ignore everything I’ve said up to this point and continue abusing your helpless, vulnerable hair, don’t come crying back to me when you end up with a frizzy, unruly, crispy mess.  Save your tears and rescue your broken tresses before it’s too late by applying a detoxifying shampoo like Fekkai Apple Cider Clarifying Shampoo 8 oz.then comb through a deep conditioning treatment (see suggestions above in “Protect”) and wrap head with saran wrap and blow dry on low for 10 minutes (or sit in the sun). After you rinse the treatment, look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Why didn’t I just listen to Beauty Binge the first time?” Then apologize to your hair and promise you will never walk outside unprotected again.  Good girl.

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