Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Splurge: Personal Oxygen Machine (yes, I’m serious)

For the last Sunday Splurge before Christmas, I figure it’s only fitting I introduce the most extravagant item on my wish list.  (Okay… I didn’t actually put it on my wish list. It would have been too obnoxious.)  This sought-after item is the Oxygeneration Personal Oxygen System, sold at Bliss for the bargain price of $1,036 (I will note that it is on sale from $1,295).

Anyone who is familiar my gluttonous spa habits, knows my first choice on any spa menu is the oxygen facial.  It is the one facial that literally makes me glow.  The esthetician uses an air gun to spray me with vitamins and moisturizers via pressurized oxygen.  Oxygen facials are often advertised as “Red Carpet Ready” treatments because they leave your skin plumped and flawless (though it’s temporary) and photo-ready.   To give you an idea, I got oxygen facials every week the month before my wedding at Eva Scrivo in NYC. Eva is a beauty Yoda. When I see her at the salon, I grill her for as many beauty tips as I can get (It doesn’t hurt that she’s absolutely gorgeous in person).  She gave me props for going for oxygen facials a full month before my wedding and said she gives the same advice to her brides.  When Anita from My Life in Beauty interviewed Eva, she asked her which beauty item she would want the most, and of course she said an oxygen facial:

The results last for a few weeks when done correctly.  We actually do them at our spa. This is not to be confused with oxygen facials where oxygen is just sprayed on the skin. Here, the oxygen is pushed into the skin with hyperbaric pressure.

She’s definitely right that there is a palpable difference with the oxygen machines that use hyperbaric pressure (you can search “clinics” on Intraceuticals to find spas that offer this service) compared to the spray machines, but even the sprayers will give you the plumping glow, but just won’t last as long.  With that said, obviously I can’t buy a professional Intraceuticals machine (even though Madonna did. Bitch.),  but a compact oxygen system like the Oxygeneration model would certainly do the job.  I could even make oxygen water! Read for yourself in Bliss’s description of why they love it:

• Delivers 50% more oxygen than clean mountain air
• Light, attractive unit, that can be proudly displayed anywhere in the house
• Portable, so you can enjoy a relaxing personal oxygen session anywhere, anytime

In case you haven’t heard the buzz in the ‘air’, extra oxygen offers umpteen benefits including increased alertness and infection-fighting ability, and—our favorite—an age-delaying effect. This sleek portable machine enriches oxygen with a membrane system, and emits 50% more oxygen than you’d find in clean mountain air (the percentage ‘climbs’ even higher for you city folks). It also allows you to create your own oxygenated water, and has a built-in filter that delivers a vitamin C derivative to help keep skin healthy. Timer allows for 15, 30 or 45-minute sessions. Includes headset and tabletop delivery devices, oxygen water bottle, hose and power cord/adapter. 

I could take it anywhere! This means I would actually be saving money because I wouldn’t have to get oxygen facials once a month, which could cost anywhere from $140 – $225. It pays for itself!  In the meantime, I will simply have to suffer through professional oxygen treatments from my favorite spas.

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