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Friday, December 23, 2011

Good Day, Sunshine: Bobbi Brown EXTRA Balm Rinse

I stumbled onto this happy little product after I raided the Lauder Company Store and bought a skin sampler of Bobbi Brown’s EXTRA skincare line.    The other products were nice but nothing to make me continuously feel the softness of my face (which is an obvious no-no since I should never touch my face) or obsessively keep taking in deep inhalations of the delicious aromas of the magical little jar.  To be quite honest, very few products make the short list (Decleor Aroma Night Neroli Essential Night Balm is really the only product that comes to mind) of excelling in both categories.

The Bobbi Brown EXTRA Balm Rinse looks like frozen orange juice in a jar, with a thick, slightly gritty texture that melts with the warmth of your skin (you apply it to dry skin).  It smells strongly of a fresh citrus puree (YUM).  I am so obsessed with this product that it’s made cleansing my skin a daily spa ritual (okay, twice daily).  I know practically speaking (It’s kind of pricey at $55 a jar; and I’m not known for using products sparingly), I should only use this at night when I have makeup and grime to remove, but my GOD how do I resist the urge to waking up to smelling fresh citrus puree?   This product is probably to blame for me being 10 minutes late to work the past few weeks.  I take my time rubbing the balm into my skin, allowing the scents and oils to escape, giving my face a little mini-massage.  When it comes time to rinse, I splash my face with cool water and then take the rest off with a cool water-soaked cotton pad, leaving my skin clean, soft, and hydrated.

I know I won’t be able to keep up these twice-daily antics in the summer since I won’t be needing all that extra moisture, but something tells me I will probably keep the pretty jar on my shelf so at least I can breath in the sunshine every morning.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Splurge: Bobbi Brown Party Collection Travel Kit

With the holiday season in full swing, I’ve decided to dedicate the rest of my Sunday Splurge posts until Christmas to the art of gluttonous gift-giving (or getting).  These items you will read about in the coming weeks all have two things in common — 1) I don’t own them 2) I would like to own them.  (Who wouldn’t?)

Okay, so if I’m going for gluttony I will say I would obviously LOVE to have the version of the Party Collection Travel Kit that is overflowing with Bobbi Brown product.  It’s $1000, filled with items I already have or will never use, but the Veruca Salt in me can’t help but to still want it.  When I first saw the kit — all the colors from the 2012 Fall Color Story in every product  plus her gentle, great-smelling skincare — my mind went to a childhood memory…

I was very heavily into the Barbie scene (shocking), and for my birthday one year I got a Barbie Department Store that came with all the store items.  Once I had set up my perfect little pink and clear plastic displays I got to fill them with Barbie hats, bags, shoes, and jewelry.  And, the piece de resistance — there were even little pink plastic shopping bags with the Barbie logo!  It was the gift that just kept on giving.  But of course I didn’t need all those extra Barbie accessories. I either already had them or would never use them. The department store display cabinets and shelves were the real gift.

With that said, Bobbi Brown also sells the empty travel kit separately.  By looking at the photo above, I can see the kit holds a hell of a lot of product, and the silver will look adorable in my bathroom next to my mirrored Tarte jewelry box.  And, it’s only $115. Totally doable!

So, my darling readers, I encourage you to forward this to your loved ones as a subtle hint, but please make sure you alert them to scroll down to the last paragraph… 😉

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Black-Tie Makeover to Cure Your Case of the Mondays

I was invited by my CEO to attend a fancy-schmancy awards dinner. This was definitely a first (in fact I thought I had gotten the invitation in error) and I was in panic mode over what to wear.  I decided a on a gorgeous little black lace number , matched them with my patent Louboutins, and made an appointment to get my hair blown out.

Maria looked at the dress and said, “So what are you going to do about makeup?” I told her I hadn’t really thought about it. She gave me the look like she just smelled a guy wearing Drakkar.  “So let me get this straight… You get invited to a black tie dinner with our CEO and a bunch of senior management and you haven’t given your makeup any thought??”  I saw her point.

She generously volunteered her efforts to make me black-tie ready.  She used the Amore Pacific Foundation (of course) to make my skin flawless.  She literally made my bags disappear with AmazingCosmetics AmazingConcealer in “Fair”, and  then used a little By Terry Touch-Expert to touch up and cover redness around my nose.  She bronzed me with Benefit Hoola and put Tarte Cheek Stain in Tickled on the apples of my cheeks.

She used Make Up For Ever Matte Flesh 156 all over my eye area, then used Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow in Champagne, and then used some brown shades from her kit in my crease.  She lined my eyes in a cat eye starting with Sephora Collection Kohl Waterproof Eyeliner in Keep Black and then went over it and shaped the tail using Paula Dorf Transformer mixed with MAC Eyeshadow in Carbon with a fine eyelining brush. She then used a highlighter from her own kit to highlight under my brow bone.

On my lips I wore Lipstick Queen in Saint Berry mixed with Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey.

Thanks to Maria, my makeup and my confidence lasted all night.  I dined with the big boys, held my own, and didn’t bat an eyelash extension all night long.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

20% Off Bobbi Brown: Time for the Real Beauty Addicts to Show Their Stripes

No three words could make me happier (besides “I love you” from my husband obviously) than “Friends and Family,” especially when they apply to one of my favorite stores or brands, in this case Bobbi Brown.  You don’t even need a code! Simply visit April 16th – 18th and the 20% discount will automatically be applied at checkout.  There is also free shipping after you spend $65.  So what should you buy?  The better question is what shouldn’t you buy. Bobbi Brown is definitely one of the most consistently strong brands across color and skincare.  My top three favorites:

1) Bobbi Brown EXTRA Balm Rinse:  For those of you who follow my blog, you know I call this cleanser liquid sunshine.  It’s smells like fresh oranges and has this wonderful sticky consistency that lathers when you add water.  I put it on a dry face and then gradually add water to lather, and then rinse with lukewarm water. If I’m removing makeup, I’ll use a wet cotton round to swipe my face after rinsing.

2) Creamy Concealer KitMaria always gets mad at me when she’s doing my makeup and I’m out of this concealer kit (you’d think I’d learn to buy multiples).  She’ll start rummaging through my makeup muttering, “Where’s that little kit with the powder?  How are you always out of this?”   The creamy concealer covers everything from puffiness and dark circles to broken capillaries and blemishes. The accompanying powder sets it beautifully without looking cakey or powdery.

3) Eye Shadow in Shell, Black Plum and Sable:  I love the silky feel of these matte shadows.  They blend beautifully and drop a lot of pigment. Shell is a flesh colored pale pink I use all over my lid. Black Plum is a rich dark plum I use in the crease or to create a dramatic smokey eye (plum is a great smokey color for blue eyes).  And I use Sable, a medium brown, to blend into my crease for a day look, or to lighten up an over-smoked eye.

I’m also a big fan of her Shimmer Brick in Bronze for highlighting, and I hear her Intensifying Long-Wear Mascara is to die for.  (Since I wear eyelash extensions I can’t test mascaras. Yes, I have a rough life.)  Don’t forget the binge starts Monday, so use this weekend wisely to start making a wish list. Happy Binging!



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