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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weathering the Cold: Part 1 (The Body)

I simply cannot fully guide you in all the ways to protect yourself from the unrelenting cold in one post, therefore I am going to divide this into multiple posts over the next week…

I want to cover the body first since my skin has already gotten a bit itchy from the climate change. First rule of thumb (which I hate by the way) is to stop taking long hot showers. Unfortunately, they strip the skin of protective oils which further dries the skin.  I also store away all my lovely scented bath gels and creams.  Since my skin is getting crushed by the zero humidity, cold wind, and pumping dry, hot air through the heater, it is extra sensitive and irritated.  Those lovely scented products have chemicals which further irritate, therefore I put my Bliss Blood Orange + White Pepper Soapy Suds Body Wash away and replace it with Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy Calming Body Wash Daily Shower Oil.  The operative word in that long title is “oil”.  The omega oils replace some of the natural oils that are stripped via the hot water and other thankless winter conditions, and its highly recommended by dermatologists.  I love that it’s unscented and makes a palpable difference in the softness of my skin.   I use my hand (instead of the my bath mitt, which can further strip) to cleanse my body with the oil (which becomes a creamy lather once wet) and then I pat myself dry.

It pains me to put away my Bond No. 9 New York Scent of Peace Cream Body Silk, since its fluffy texture and sumptuous smell makes me want to scoop up half the jar and slather it on my skin.  But, I have to be rational and realize that the fragrance can irritate therefore I moisturize my body with Kiehl’s Creme de Corps, which is rich, hydrating, and nourishing with its wonder ingredients like beta-carotene, cocoa butter, and sesame oil.

So put away the fragranced products and treat your skin to some gentle nourishment. Consider getting a humidifier and keep the showers short!

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Splurge: Gift-with-Purchase MANIA!

 If you read my Sunday Splurge last week, you know I’m a whore for free samples, especially deluxe samples.  Every year, the only thing that takes away my sorrow of Halloween being over is the new Gift with Purchase (GwP) offers from all my favorite sites for the holidays. Pathetic? Perhaps. I’m the first to admit it.  The important thing is I’m selective when it comes to choosing my GwP offers.  I follow the GwP Addict blog, so I could go hog wild and opt for every GwP out there… But no! I only use the codes from sites where I can easily get to the required spending amount (for example, it took me about 2 seconds to spend the $135 on Bliss to get the tote) and I know I will actually use the majority of the samples.

Selecting GwP codes is one thing, gaming the system is an art form.  Allow me to explain… In my pursuit for the best GwPs I saw that Sephora was offering “Choose 1-of-4 free “Holiday Prep Kits” with every $25 purchase.  Each kit includes several deluxe samples, and you can choose from Smokey Eye, Flawless Foundation, Beautiful Skin, or Fragrance Sampler.  Since I have what I need to create a smokey eye, I’m married to my foundation, and I only wear Bond No. 9 Scent of Peace, my decision was easy. The Beautiful Skin kit includes deluxe samples from Clarins, DDF, Urban Decay, and many other brands.

Okay, so spending $25 at Sephora is easy. The key is that it’s free shipping after $50.  So I simply divided up my order (totaling $160) into three separate orders. When I got to checkout I got quite the nice surprise. The Beauty Insider 500-point prize was a Fresh gift set! Jackpot! Unfortunately I cannot link you to the gift set since they are already sold out, but I can tell you (and not to rub your face in it) this was the best 500-point gift I’ve ever been offered from Beauty Insider. The kit included a large deluxe sample (at least a month’s worth) of Fresh Black Tea Age Delay Cream (which is rich, yet gentle for sensitive skin), a deluxe sample of the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser (my everyday cleanser), and a mini Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15. Luckily, I had over 2000 Beauty Insider points (yes, a little embarrassing) so I was able to use 1500 to add a Fresh gift set to each of my three orders. Voila! I got three separate boxes from Sephora, each containing a bevy of samples!

Besides Sephora, I wanted to make sure I got my hands on the Bliss Holiday Tote Bag. The samples come in a nice thick nylon tote bag (which I am already using to carry my heels to work), and they include deluxe sizes of brands like Bliss, Go Smile, and DDF.  The thing that got me salivating was the number of samples. Bliss was not skimpy about giving a bunch of great brands in nice deluxe sizes.  You have to spend $135 to get the tote, but since Bliss carries such staple brands like Skinceuticals and Sk-ii, you should have no problem getting to that number.


Okay, now that you’ve got the samples, what are you going to with them?  Watch my video on YouTube, showing you how to best organize and utilize your new spoils. Enjoy!

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