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Thursday, May 10, 2012

InStyle’s “Best Beauty Buys” List: Get Out Your Credit Cards, Ladies!

When InStyle comes out with their “Best Beauty Buys” list I get that energy running through my veins, fingers twitching, looking around the room for the location of my wallet so I can covertly grab it without my husband taking notice.  Lucky for our credit card bills I’ve already tried many of the 150 items that made the list.  The majority of the products are incumbents, having won in their categories several years in a row.   This doesn’t mean the editorial staff got lazy and just decided to recycle previous years’ lists.  Like most beauty addicts, the editors probably have their favorite products and are sticking to what they love.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all old news — there are some choice newcomers and surprises like the Bliss Pore-Fector Gadget and the Ibiza Boar Bristle Brush (both of which I intend to buy).

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Drugstore Cowgirl: CoverGirl LipPerfection Lipcolor

I know this is going to make me sound like a snob, but I haven’t dabbled in drugstore lipstick since high school.  It’s always had this stigma for me of containing harmful toxins, being overly waxy, and generally cheap.   I’m not a gloss girl (too sticky).   I tend more towards sheer, shiny wine-hued lipsticks. My two constants are Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey for daytime and Lipstick Queen in Saint Wine for nighttime.  As much as I’m a beauty addict, I usually don’t venture past my safe zone when it comes to lipstick.  The Clinique and Lipstick Queen look good and leave my lips moist. Easy. Done.

Done until I fell in love with Jessica Stam’s lips in the CoverGirl campaign, wearing CoverGirl LipPerfection in Euphoria (see left).  When I read that all-star makeup artist Pat McGrath (whom I worship) is their Creative Design Director and curated the LipPerfection collection, I knew it was time I broke my ban.

When I broke open the plastic, I can promise you I was just as eager  as when I was 13-years-old, cracking open my first Bonne Bell Pink Frost.

Ladies, this lipstick f’ing rocks.  It goes on smooth, with lots of pigment, and tons of moisture and shine. It’s like a hydrating stain.  Yeah, go ahead and read that last line again. I never thought I would see the day either.  This is a long-wearing lipstick that doesn’t dry out your lips! It’s a miracle!

Well… Miracle may be a reach.  It does smell a little bit like a crayon and when I took it out today to show Maria, I removed the cap and the entire lipstick shot out of its tube like a torpedo, leaving me with an empty container. The only consolation? I knew I could cross the street to the drugstore and replace it for less than $10.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Black-Tie Makeover to Cure Your Case of the Mondays

I was invited by my CEO to attend a fancy-schmancy awards dinner. This was definitely a first (in fact I thought I had gotten the invitation in error) and I was in panic mode over what to wear.  I decided a on a gorgeous little black lace number , matched them with my patent Louboutins, and made an appointment to get my hair blown out.

Maria looked at the dress and said, “So what are you going to do about makeup?” I told her I hadn’t really thought about it. She gave me the look like she just smelled a guy wearing Drakkar.  “So let me get this straight… You get invited to a black tie dinner with our CEO and a bunch of senior management and you haven’t given your makeup any thought??”  I saw her point.

She generously volunteered her efforts to make me black-tie ready.  She used the Amore Pacific Foundation (of course) to make my skin flawless.  She literally made my bags disappear with AmazingCosmetics AmazingConcealer in “Fair”, and  then used a little By Terry Touch-Expert to touch up and cover redness around my nose.  She bronzed me with Benefit Hoola and put Tarte Cheek Stain in Tickled on the apples of my cheeks.

She used Make Up For Ever Matte Flesh 156 all over my eye area, then used Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow in Champagne, and then used some brown shades from her kit in my crease.  She lined my eyes in a cat eye starting with Sephora Collection Kohl Waterproof Eyeliner in Keep Black and then went over it and shaped the tail using Paula Dorf Transformer mixed with MAC Eyeshadow in Carbon with a fine eyelining brush. She then used a highlighter from her own kit to highlight under my brow bone.

On my lips I wore Lipstick Queen in Saint Berry mixed with Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey.

Thanks to Maria, my makeup and my confidence lasted all night.  I dined with the big boys, held my own, and didn’t bat an eyelash extension all night long.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Male Reader G$ Desperate to Hold On (to the Sun that is…)

Hi Beauty Binge,

I was just on vacation with my beautiful boyfriend and spent some well deserved
free time sunning myself on the white sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast. I am
Irish, but contrary to popular belief I tan quite well (albeit after a day or
two of being lobster red). My skin, being confined to an artificially lit office
for the past several months, did peel a bit but nothing a little aloe couldn’t
handle. However now I’m back in the office, depressed as ever, with only my
beautiful bronzed hands left as a reminder of the happier days gone by. So
finally to my question… Can you please help me save my tan? It is my only saving
grace. It helps people see me through gold tinted glasses and I love it! I need
to know what are some of the best moisturizers to use to keep me “naturally”
tanned until Thanksgiving? Should I be using something with a hint of self
tanning or just the recommended aloe? All suggestions are welcome and will be
used to prevent inevitable paling of the skin. 
I must keep this beautiful tan for as long as possible!

Help me oh beautiful one!


Yo G$!

I'm currently feeling your pain, being that I'm just back from Bermuda. Of course I wasn't as cavalier with the dangerous sun as you (bad boy. I'm terrified to ask what SPF you were using), but I do have a subtle glow I'm hoping to grasp until at least Halloween. 

First, you need more than aloe. Aloe is a soother for sunburn and over-exposure but you need to go into hydration mode, stat!  Every night I want you to apply Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Maximum Hydrator, which will being the healing process.

If you are still feeling dry in the morning after you shave, apply Lab Series for Men Oil Control Daily Hydrator. This will hydrate, but won't make you shiny.  Now, if you're feeling hydrated and lovely after you shave and you just want to get your glow on, use Anthony Logistics for Men Self Tanner with Anti-Aging Complex. I LOVE this self-tanner for men or women because it has superstar healing and hydrating ingredients like peptides and green tea, and it gives a natural glow.   Apply this every day on its own or after your daily moisturizer.  Make sure you thoroughly wash your hands after every application so you don’t end up with creepy oompa-loompa hands.

G$, let the glow be with you. And if I ever hear about you taking that Irish skin into the sun again without at least 30 on your face I will burn you myself.  Lobster red for two days = permanent sun damage!

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