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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Splurge: Phyto Universe in NYC

I had to make my visit to Phyto Universe a “Sunday Splurge” because, come on, $160 for a hair consultation, deep conditioning treatment, and a blow out?  I’m a big believer in splurging on my hair, but a trip to the “hair spa” for $160 is a new level of decadence.   But of course I adore decadence…

This hair spa is a beacon of serenity in midtown Manhattan, completely transporting you from the chaos of the loud streets below with a 3,000 square foot vertical garden and 9 private hair treatment “cabins.”  The location also shares space with its other two brands: a facial and body treatment room featuring Lierac and a “haute parfumerie” by Caron Paris.

Lierac had one esthetician room and a wall of product in the boutique, some that I had not seen at the local CVS.

The parfumerie nook was like walking into a display of French perfume at a museum. It was absolutely lovely — ornate antique bottles behind glass, huge glass dispensers of scents, and pink puffs of different colored powders. And, everything is for sale.  I had fun waiting for my therapist Sonya (though the fun weaned as ten minutes turned into thirty), perusing through the different scents and displays.

I’m not going to lie, the waiting irked me.  Not only did she run late with her client, but then she was helping a shopper in the boutique while I sipped my tea and nibbled my Petrossian cookie (okay, I guess I can’t be mad if they gave me Petrossian cookies and tea while I waited).  But once Sonya introduced herself, her sweetness melted away any annoyance.

The treatment began with a hair analysis using the Phyto Scope, a Dr. Who-looking camera that examined my scalp at a 200 magnification.  I was mesmerized. I kept saying, “No wait! Go back! Go back!”  I was disappointed the machine didn’t support printing.  I would have preferred taking home photos of those images more than samples.  Needless to say, the Phyto Scope showed I’m fostering quite a bit of build-up in my hair, and even <<gasp>> mild dandruff.  Now, keep in mind I never see dandruff with my naked eye, but I can’t get that image out of my head.

Once I got my fill of the Phyto Scope, we headed to our private hair cabin, a generous space with its own equipment, sink, and amenities.  I never had to get up from the chair.

Steps of the treatment:

1) A scalp massage with Phytopolleine – Universal Elixir, used to stimulate and balance the scalp.  It smelled delicious with strong essences of rosemary, sage, cypress, eucalyptus, and lemon.  Obviously I wish the massage would have lasted longer and/or involved neck and shoulder, but a girl can’t have everything.

2) Sonya coated my hair, section by section, with Phytonectar Pre-Shampoo Ultra Nourishing Oil Treatment. This oil treatment nurses back dehydrated, chemically-treated hair with proteins and lipids from egg yolk.

3) She put me under a head steamer for 20 minutes to open the cuticle and help the product absorb.

4) She shampooed and conditioned with the Phytocitrus line, specially designed for color-treated hair.

5) Then she applied a mix of Phyto 9, a leave-in conditioning cream, and Phytodefrisant Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm, a non-chemical hair straightener.

6) She finished the treatment with a gorgeous blowout (no flat-iron required).

My hair still looks shiny and healthy. I definitely believe in the efficacy of the Phyto brand, and I could see myself splurging on this treatment every six months. Though, the $160 price tag files this service away as an extravagance rather than an essential (keeping in mind that eyelash extensions and coloring my hair every 3-4 weeks are essentials).

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