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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Q&A with Dr. Julie on How to Get Beautiful From the Inside Out!

I had the opportunity to sit down for coffee (okay, she had green tea and scolded me for drinking coffee on an empty stomach since it spikes my adrenals) with Dr. Julie, founder of Making Healthy EZ and a board-certified doctor in Internal and Integrative Medicine whose work has appeared everywhere from  The Huffington Post to Men’s Health.  I wanted to get her take on what we can do from the inside to stay beautiful on the outside.  And I mean look at her, who wouldn’t take beauty advice from someone who looks like that? Could she be any more adorable?

Beauty Binge: As an integrative doctor, tell us a little bit what that means.

Dr. Julie: People hear “integrative” and they think it’s just holistic, whereas it’s actually about being a bridge between compl

ementary modalities (like acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, etc) and conventional medicine.

 BB: You are all about treating the body from the inside out. How does this translate to skincare?

DJ: Your skin is the best representation of what is going on underneath. Any disruption in diet, mood, stress — you’re going to see it on your skin.

BB: So what’s my skin trying to tell me when it gets red splotches even though I haven’t been tinkering with my skincare regimen? 

DJ:  You’re skin is trying to tell you it’s inflamed on some level.  If your mood and stress level haven’t changed, then you need to look at what you’re eating.  The best thing to do is an elimination test — try eliminating the usual suspects (one at a time) like dairy and gluten and see if the irritation goes away.

BB: Um, I’m obviously all about taking care of my skin, but giving up all dairy and gluten could put me into a deep depression.  I mean, I just gave up sweets and my body isn’t speaking to me.

DJ: Your body is thrilled with you, trust me.  Sugar intake is horrible for the skin. It breaks down collagen faster and you get wrinkles way sooner.

BB: So what can I be doing to keep my skin looking clear and glowy? 

DJ:  1.  I know you hear this all the time, but  you have to stay hydrated. Depending on the person, you should be drinking between 5 – 8 8 oz glasses of water daily.   2.  Whether you’re getting them from your diet or supplements, you need Omega 3s for the antioxidants and to keep your skin hydrated. 3.  You need to eat rainbow-colored vegetables to make sure you’re getting all the necessary minerals like zinc, magnesium and copper.

BB: What is the biggest culprit for inflammation that people usually don’t know about?

DJ: Definitely fruit!  Everyone thinks fruit is good for the skin, but it’s a huge inflammatory because it’s really high in sugar.  You need to eat it in moderation: 1-2 servings per day with the rest of your servings in vegetables.

BB: Let’s change gears a little, with Spring in full effect, let’s talk SPF. Are there any standouts we should be looking for?  

DJ: Personally, not speaking as a physician, I love Jan Marini SPF ($36.00) for the face.  I have really sensitive skin and most formulas make me break out. The Jan Marini is so gentle and light it feels like I’m not wearing anything.

BB: Okay, here’s a stupid question…

DJ: There are no stupid questions!

BB: No, this is pretty stupid. If I’m wearing a moisturizer with 30 and a primer with 20, does that give me SPF 50?

DJ: Not stupid at all.  You do not add the SPF numbers together, you’re just protected by the highest SPF (in this case 30).  I will say that you should not be relying on  makeup and primer to get your SPF. Think about it, in order for SPF to work you need to slather your skin in it.  You’re only going to apply the minimum amount of primer or makeup for aesthetic reasons, so you’re not fully protected.

BB: Thank you so much, Dr. Julie!

DJ: My pleasure! Let’s do it again!

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