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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Jenny McCarthy Owes Me $50: Her Endorsed Eyedews DO Nothing!

We all know I love to bitch about my puffy eyes…. Since I was young I’ve suffered from terrible allergies which have always given me those damn puffs.  As I’ve gotten older the puffiness has spread to my eyelids (sexy!) and before I got knocked up, my daily wine intake (did I just admit to that?) helped to kick up the puff even more.  Now that I’m pregnant and shoving pickles and pork rinds in my mouth by the dozen, the salt is making my eyes look like I got punched. So you can imagine how excited I was when I read in one of the rags that Jenny McCarthy swears by Eyedews (infused jelly eye pads) for getting rid of puffiness and fatigued eyes after long flights.

Jenny McCarthy tweeted out this pic of her using the “miracle” Eyedews

Okay now here’s problem #1: I read about the EyeDews while my feet were luxuriating in a pedicure.  Lulled by the relaxing hot stone massage on my feet I made the ill decision of not doing comparison shopping, and instead logged into my Amazon app and saw that Eyedews were “on sale” for $49.99 and were available via Amazon Prime.  Somehow in my twisted mind Amazon Prime’s free 2-day shipping meant I would be getting a great deal. Right… guess what? Eyedews are $20 for 6 pairs on their siteOkay so technically Jenny McCarthy owes me $20 and I pay the $30 in stupid tax.
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Review: Body Time Samphire Anti-Puff Eye Cream

There’s nothing worse than applying a thick heavy eye cream during the dog days of summer, only to find that not only did the eye cream not absorb because you’re sweating too much but it managed to grease up the rest of your face.  Gross.  I’m someone who strongly believes in having a wardrobe of eye creams at my disposal. Yes, I may be the extreme but you should at least be switching to a lighter eye cream (and face creams) when the temperature and humidity sky rocket.  Enter Body Time Samphire Anti-Puff Cream ($22.50) – an ultra-light, yet extremely effective hydrating and anti-inflammatory eye cream — perfect for the summer heat.  The best thing about this brand? It’s a local San Francisco treat!  You’re not going to find the brand in a Sephora near you because the company doesn’t want to risk compromising the quality by expanding distribution.  Luckily they have a lovely site where you can purchase their eye cream as well as their other delicious products (ask any beauty editor about Body Time and they will utter two words: China Rain. For the past thirty years, the China Rain scent has had a cult following of industry insiders for its “garden after the rain” scent which can be incorporated in several Body Time products).

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