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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Currently Obsessed with: Rhonda Allison Eye Revitalizer

On one of my recent visits to my steady esthetician Melanie Traub at Bellasante Spa in San Anselmo, California (even though Melanie is aware I cheat on her from time to time because I’m a degenerate spa slut, she knows in her heart she will always be my steady and #1 girl. I can honestly say she gives the best facial I’ve ever had in my life and that’s saying a lot.) I was admiring her flawless skin and how the light was catching her cheekbones (see pic of Melanie and her cheekbones at the bottom of the post).  I demanded to know what highlighter she was using to give such a natural glowing effect.  She thought about it for a second, “Hmm… I’m not wearing any highlighter. It must be the Rhonda Allison Eye Revitalizer. I tap it on underneath my eyes and then upwards to my temples. It totally helps brighten my eye area and tighten my puffiness.”

Of course my next demand was to be introduced to the product. I applied a few white pearly drops from the tester to the back of my hand and felt an instant cooling and tightening effect. I also noticed minuscule shimmery light-diffusing pigments  (hence the highlighter effect) and an instant brightening on my skin.  I immediately tapped a few drops under my eyes and upwards towards my temples and felt that same cooling and tightening. Once absorbed, a couple minutes later, my eye area DEFINITELY looked brighter and less puffy.  What’s makes this eye gel so magical besides fairy dust? Rhonda Allison describes it as: “Enhanced with a “freezing peptide”, Eye Revitalizer has a cooling sensation providing a quick perk-me-up experience for the eyes.” 

Needless to say, I find myself applying this eye gel both in the mornings under my makeup and throughout the day over my makeup for an instant eye opener.  And of course I tap it on top of my cheekbones to attempt to mimic Melanie’s highlighted cheekbones. Incidentally, It has not given me Melanie’s high cheekbones but at least now our cheekbones share the same natural highlighted glow.

Melanie Traub, Bellasante Spa

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