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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Beach Vacation? Gel Pedicure is a Must!

Okay so don’t get too jealous, but I am going to Bermuda Friday with my gorgeous husband (who I am currently ignoring as he lectures me for not cleaning up my mess) for our one year anniversary.  Pink sand! Clear, blue water!  Amazing spas! No lectures! Obviously the one thing that could get me down would be a chipped pedicure the first day at the beach (which seems to always happen to me).

Luckily, my brilliant friend Molly gave me one of the best beauty tips EVER — gel pedicures for beach vacations! I can take long walks on the beach, jam my toes into the sand, swim in the ocean,  and the polish won’t fade nor chip, and it will last two weeks. I got CND Shellac in Wild Fire.  Just an FYI — getting a gel pedicure once in a  while for a vacation is great, but getting one every two weeks is going to dry the hell out of your cuticles.  (Same goes for your fingers. The acetone required to soak off the nails do ugly things to your cuticles.) I was going to post a pic of my polished red toes, but I really hate feet.  I just can’t do it.  You’ll just have to use your imagination.  Off to pack… Is it bad that I need a checked bag just for my beauty products?

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