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Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012: New Beauty Resolutions (Actually, Old Broken Ones from 2011)

Happy New Year, Beauty Bingers!  I know this whole “New Year’s Resolutions” thing is so last week, but bear with me. I’ve been in Hawaii for the past 10 days, and as much as I thought I would be blogging away the entire time, turns out that the ocean’s siren song (and the blaring siren song of The Mauna Lani Spa) distracted me from my Beauty Binge duties.  I assure you I am back and ready to binge in 2012! (Wait, one of my resolutions may stand in the way of that. But I guess if I’m responsibly binging and for the good of my readers, it’s not a bad thing, right?)

So hear is my short list of Beauty Resolutions for 2012:

1) Stop thinking I am my fifteen-year-old self and come to grips with the fact that even if I wear SPF 30 or even SPF 55, I am damaging my face by being out in the sun for several hours a day.  (Yes, I am experiencing a bit of post-vacation guilt.  The SPF 55 and floppy hat did make an appearance in the middle of the trip, but I still got a lot of sun on my face)

2)  Stop over-treating my skin with aggressive products and services.   I see a pimple, I douse it.  I see a dry spot, I scrub it.  I see a wrinkle, I go full guns.  2012 means I start listening to my own advice on over-treating.

3) Stop binging without doing inventory. Obviously I love trying new products, but it’s gotten to a point where the only thing “new” about the products I buy are the brand and the bottle.  2012 means I will not buy yet another soothing moisturizer, gentle cleanser, or hydrating mask without first taking stock of my beauty cabinet. (This resolution OF COURSE excludes all anti-puffiness creams and gels. My quest for the ultimate de-puffer continues…)

4) Stop buying ridiculous amounts of spa services for myself on sites like GiltCity.  Things got so crazy last year I had to keep a spreadsheet as to when all my vouchers were expiring.  Most importantly, the jig is up. My husband said to me after my third facial in two months, “Don’t think that just because you bought these at a discount, I believe you’re actually saving money.”   (Note: this resolution excludes exceptional situations like flash sales from The Peninsula Spa and Bliss. Um, obviously.)

I wish you all luck on your own beauty resolutions. I’m sure my husband is currently reading this and taking the Over/Under on Resolutions #3 and #4…  No faith!

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, BEAUTIFUL 2012!


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