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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hello Pig-Pen… Thanks Bumble and Bumble Black Hair Powder


Okay, so I blame myself for this one. When I was getting my roots colored last Tuesday, I asked my colorist goddess Meghan Baldwin from Eva Scrivo Salon if she knew of any good colored dry shampoo in order to better preserve her perfect blowouts.  I’ve used Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo and it left me looking like I was dressing up as a 60-year-old version of myself (assuming I would allow my hair to go that grey, which is highly unlikely).  Someone had given me a trick a while back to spray the roots with hairspray then blast with heat.  The alcohol absorbs the oil and when you see the steam (or is it smoke?) rising from your hair, it’s supposedly the oil dissipating. It kinda works, but the main problem is it leaves me with very crispy roots.  I was hoping to find a good alternative.

Meghan walked me over to the display shelf and after some deliberating, she decided on Bumble and Bumble Black Hair Powder (Meghan felt brown may be too flat on me).  She did warn me (a few times) that a little bit too much or a little bit sprayed too close could end in bad Halloween. Bad Halloween does not describe my experience with this product.   I know I didn’t spray too much or too close.  I swear!  Here’s what happened…

Meghan gave me my blowout on Tuesday. I got a facial on Wednesday, and when the esthetician took the headband off, my hairline was coated in creams and serums.  When I got home and reached for the Bumble and Bumble Black Hair Powder, I’ll admit it occurred to me to me that I was giving the product a huge undertaking for the first time.  But I was determined to save my blowout so I  held a tissue to my forehead below my hairline and started spraying (like a good girl, I listened to Meghan and held the bottle 10″ from my hair).   It came out like an aerosol fire hose of black powdery spray.  It made my hair beyond stiff to the touch.  I remember Meghan told me to brush it through my hair. Perhaps I should have waited for it to dry because after I brushed it,  the entire top of my head was a crusty, black mess. The powder was on my face, stuck in my eyelashes, on my clothes. I tried using the blow dryer on it to try and dissipate the gun powder, but it seemed to make it worse.  I had no choice but to abandon ship and accept the fact I would have to wash my hair in the morning and wear it curly.

I sat down next to my husband on the couch, and being the amazing husband that he is, his first reflex was to reach over and stroke my hair.  His face transformed from a relaxed smile to a grimace.  He jerked his hand back, looked at my hair, then at his black fingertips, then back at my hair. We stared at each other for a few seconds until he looked at his hand again and said, “Baby, did you put something in your hair or is it just really dirty?”

After I shot him a look more disgusting than his dirty hand, I ran to the mirror and saw that I looked like a victim of Hair Club for Men who got stuck in the rain. The powder had started trickling down my forehead.  Obviously I headed straight to the shower, and as I watched the dark puddles flow down the drain, I wouldn’t let myself regret my purchase, instead I gave myself credit for being smart enough to buy the travel size.

Photo courtesy indiae

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