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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Reader Screams, “Help Beauty Binge!” After An Attack of Oily Skin and T-Zone Breakouts

Dear Janna,

Please help me!! With the warmer weather I’m finding that I’m oily and gross during the day (vs. some dryness during the winter). I’m  also having T-zone breakouts and I wonder if there’s a moisturizer with a little zit-fighting ability that I should switch to vs. the Boscia now that the seasons have changed? Also, I typically use drugstore Neutrogena foundation/make-up (don’t yell!), but I think it’s time to invest in some good stuff, especially with my trouble skin AND the six weddings I have to attend between now and August (ugh). Is there a brand you absolutely love? (NARS? MAC?). I think I need a consult at a counter to find the products/shades that are right for me, but I’d love to know if there’s a company you trust more than others before I shell out some bucks 🙂 


Gettin’ Greasy in LA

Dear Gettin’Greasy in LA,

Skincare: Don’t you dare replace your Boscia! The Boscia Black Collection is known for being the best line out there for oily skin!  Trust me, if you use  a moisturizer with too much pimple-fighting power you’re just going to dry out your skin, which will prompt your oil glands to panic and produce more oil. Also, make sure you’re using the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask ($34) at least 2-3 times per week which will help detoxify your skin without giving it a temper tantrum.  Dr. Brandt also has a great line called Pores No More… I think the Dr. Brandt Skincare pores no more® pore refiner ($45), which mattifies, exfoliates, and treats, would be perfect for your skin. Use it only on your t-zone and where your pores are trying to morph into dimples.
Foundation: Girlfriend are you kidding me right now?? MAC or NARS??? With oily skin?? Do you WANT to flaunt Texas oil fields for the weddings?? Or perhaps you were hoping to look like a science project as a conversation starter. Breakout central!  I am prescribing  the Jane Iredale ‘Glow Time’ Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 25 ($48).  This BB Cream has a lot more coverage than a typical BB and it is actually designed to fight oil and blemishes so its working while it’s covering.  I got the recommendation from a friend who looks like she has amazing skin but claims to be plagued with oily skin, and she insists the Jane Iredale BB Cream changed her life. And she’s being totally serious. You just better promise me that the only thing the BB Cream is going to replace is your foundation.  You know that’s my pet peeve!
Please let me know how everything works out and send me pics of you and your flawless skin from all these weddings!
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Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday Splurge:

When I read about on GWP Addict (which is a URL that should be on every beauty addict’s favorites) I felt like one of the kids on the Wonka factory tour, seeing the Chocolate Room for the first time.  Someone queue the music:

This is a new beauty shopping web site, they call themselves a “Social Beauty Store.” I would say it is similar to Skinstore and Dermstore as far as brands they carry, plus they have a cool social networking factor the other sites do not have. Right now for new customers when you place your first order you get 30% Rewards back plus automatic VIP status (normally you get 10% back, with this coupon you get 30% back, and normally you have to spend $100 to get VIP status. VIPs get to pick free deluxe samples at checkout, the more you spend, the more you get to pick). Enter code 30BACKVIP at checkout. Expiration unknown. Excludes purchase of Jane Iredale and Dr. Dennis Gross products.

Obviously the line about the deluxe samples got me first, “VIPs get to pick free deluxe samples at checkout, the more you spend, the more you get to pick…” My dream come true (and my husband’s worst nightmare)!  I’ve been waiting for a site to recognize and reward me by the amount I spend .  Also, you can return a product up to a year after purchase. No more, “that moisturizer made me breakout so I had to throw it away.”  You can actually return it! And, you always get free shipping both ways for purchases $49 and over.

It wasn’t hard for me to rack up the VIP status pretty quickly with brands like Dr. Brandt and SkinMedica.  I managed to spend $150, yet when I entered the promo code 30BACKVIP I got the message that it was successfully loaded, but I saw no indication that I would get 30% back (on the flip side, when I entered the promo code to get three nail polishes, the polishes instantly appeared in my shopping bag).  So because I am paranoid that God forbid I would lose the opportunity to use a promo code I stayed with the polish promo code (you can only use one code per order).  Big mistake, once I placed my order and got a notification that I got the standard 10% back in store credit I realized had I “believed in the system” I would have gotten $45 back.

So I’m an idiot… Moving on… When I went to checkout, since I had cleared $100 in purchases I got to pick 10 products!!  I’m not going to lie, this was a special experience. Oh, I took my time.  First I got to choose 5 trial sizes from 10 samples. These samples were good brands like Jane IredaleMOR, and Juice Beauty (no fragrance! love that!).  Then, I chose 4 deluxe samples. Again, the brands blew me away — SkinMedicaREN, and Babor.  Then, I got to choose from two full-size products — I chose the Peter Thomas Roth Gentle Complexion Correction Pads (retail value $36.00) over hairspray (forgot the brand; I wasn’t interested).

Then I peeked in other shoppers’ beauty cabinets to see what they bought and what they thought of the products.  This is a brilliant feature.  I browsed through shoppers to find ones that matched my profile and concerns.  I immediately got feedback on products for sensitive skin and curly hair. Huge fan.

The site also makes recommendations for you based on your profile and purchases.  After my first order, I rushed back to the site to see what had been selected for me in the “BEST4YOU Beauty Finder.” Pro: It gave me full range of price points, including drugstore brands.  Con: Top picks in skincare appear to be coming from the same few brands, which worries me there is the possibility the brands are paying for pole position (though I am hoping I’m wrong).

Overall, the fact that this site gives up to 10 free gifts with every order, 10% of every order back in credit (or 30% on your first order if you’re not an impatient idiot like me), free shipping, and year-long returns makes my Chocolate Room.  Though, when my husband walked in during my “research” and watched me type in my credit card information and asked, “…and what are you buying now?” I felt like Veruca when she gets caught licking the wallpaper.


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