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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bringing out the Perfect Bombshell Red for Valentine’s Day: Illamasqua “I’m the One” Collection

Forget lingerie this Valentine’s Day… lingerie can make you feel fat and that’s simply not sexy. What makes me feel sexy? A fire engine red lip. Granted, not all reds are created equally.  Many reds tend to look too orangey on me so I’ve always gone tore towards the berry side.  But, I’ve always been searching for that perfect bombshell red — the color of lipstick I imagine Ingrid Bergman to have worn on her perfect pout. Alas, my search is over…

Illamasqua was kind enough to send me their “I’m the One” Collection, which includes Lip Pencil in Fiesty, Lipstick in Maneater, and Intense Lip Gloss in Touch.  And I’ve gotta tell you, wearing all three products together — first outlining with the pencil, then applying the lipstick, and then adding a dollop of gloss to the center of my lower lip — makes magic happen.

The lip pencil has vivid color and glides on seamlessly. The lipstick is just to die for… I don’t have words. If you’re going to buy one item from this collection I’d go with the lipstick. Of course, I’m not a lip gloss girl. The publicist who sent this to me said she’s been wearing the lip pencil with the lip gloss over it and she’s in love.  I will say this is the kind of lip gloss that could turn me — hydrating, intensely pigmented color with a subtle sparkle, and long lasting.

There is just something about this classic red lip that instantly transforms me from Janna in pajamas into sexy, sultry Janna in pajamas. Well, um of course I’m still wearing pajamas! Didn’t I explain the whole lingerie thing?? It’s all about the lip!!



Disclosure: I was gifted these products with no editorial obligation.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Don’t Mess with the Juicy Technique

My glam friend T sauntered into the office today and gave me a throaty “hello, dawling.”  I looked up from the monotony of whatever I was working on to find perfect pink lips.   It’s all I could see.  They were bright, but not too bright.  Glossy, but not high-beam glossy. They were  confection perfection.  (By the way, my iPhone camera definitely did not do the juicy justice.)

“T, did you just put on lipstick?”

“Like three hours ago…” she purrs.

No way those lips lasted three hours. I’ve seen lip stains last that long, but they always leave the lips dry.

She eyes my skepticism, “You want to know my juicy technique, don’t you?”


Ladies, you want sexy lips that last a lifetime?  (Yes, it’s three whopping steps. Get over it.  It means you won’t have to reapply for hours.)
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