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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bringing out the Perfect Bombshell Red for Valentine’s Day: Illamasqua “I’m the One” Collection

Forget lingerie this Valentine’s Day… lingerie can make you feel fat and that’s simply not sexy. What makes me feel sexy? A fire engine red lip. Granted, not all reds are created equally.  Many reds tend to look too orangey on me so I’ve always gone tore towards the berry side.  But, I’ve always been searching for that perfect bombshell red — the color of lipstick I imagine Ingrid Bergman to have worn on her perfect pout. Alas, my search is over…

Illamasqua was kind enough to send me their “I’m the One” Collection, which includes Lip Pencil in Fiesty, Lipstick in Maneater, and Intense Lip Gloss in Touch.  And I’ve gotta tell you, wearing all three products together — first outlining with the pencil, then applying the lipstick, and then adding a dollop of gloss to the center of my lower lip — makes magic happen.

The lip pencil has vivid color and glides on seamlessly. The lipstick is just to die for… I don’t have words. If you’re going to buy one item from this collection I’d go with the lipstick. Of course, I’m not a lip gloss girl. The publicist who sent this to me said she’s been wearing the lip pencil with the lip gloss over it and she’s in love.  I will say this is the kind of lip gloss that could turn me — hydrating, intensely pigmented color with a subtle sparkle, and long lasting.

There is just something about this classic red lip that instantly transforms me from Janna in pajamas into sexy, sultry Janna in pajamas. Well, um of course I’m still wearing pajamas! Didn’t I explain the whole lingerie thing?? It’s all about the lip!!



Disclosure: I was gifted these products with no editorial obligation.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Total Game Changer: My Love Affair with Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream

That’s it. All my other lipsticks are going on the Velveteen Rabbit shelf. Why would I wear a lipstick that could dry out my lips or disappear after an hour when I could wear super creamy, ridiculous pigment, and long-lasting Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream ($28)? Ladies, I know I sound like a commercial but I can assure you I’m not getting paid (though I would certainly appreciate a life time supply of product). I’m seriously in love with this stuff.

One of the perks of being the writer of E! Online Beauty Police is I get sent tons of beautiful makeup for possible inclusion in my columns.  Bite’s publicist sent me the Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream in Muscato and I immediately slicked it on (obviously I insist on testing every product I recommend) to see how it looked.  I wasn’t expecting sparks since I’ve always been a lipstick vs. lip gloss girl, but this is no lip gloss my friends. It is a rich pigmented cream that applies with precision, doesn’t feather, and lasts for hours and hours.

The true test — my baby shower.  11:30 AM I applied the lip cream after lining my lips with Bite Beauty Contour Lip liner Cabernet ($24) (by the way, I was SO confident in the lip cream’s ability to perform I didn’t even fill in my lips with the liner. I knew this lip cream wouldn’t budge and dare leave me with just a lip liner outline). For the next five hours, that’s right five hours, I talked my head off, drank several glasses of water, stuffed my face with enough food to feed a football team, and when I looked in the mirror at 4:37 my lips looked the exact same as when I first applied the lip cream.

That my lovelies, is what we beauty addicts call pure magic.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Uh oh… This Beauty Addict Went on a Beauty Binge! (Part 1)

I know you ladies must think I’m jaded now that I get free goodies sent to me  from the publicists. But let’s be realistic here… An addict is an addict.  Do you honestly think I will ever get to a point where I look at my room (that’s right room) full of beauty products and say to myself, “I have enough?”  Please.  As a true beauty addict I simply cannot walk past a Sephora, apothecary or makeup counter without making a purchase.  Sure, I can rationalize “it’s for my job” but we all know that if I was in a completely different profession I would be buying the same amount of products (actually I would be buying more because I wouldn’t be getting any freebies).

I blame my latest beauty binge on my friend Cat.  She wanted to introduce me to her friend Connie McGrath, founder of Veer & Wander, a salon / apothecary in San Francisco.  As soon as we walked in the door of the industrial chic apothecary, I knew I was in trouble. It reminded me of one of my former problem
binge spots — Woodley & Bunny — a Willy Wonka of an apothecary carrying independent brands in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Woodley & Bunny is dangerously located 2 blocks from the subway and I would ALWAYS find myself “stopping in” to see if they had anything new, even though my loft was in the opposite direction. Now that I’m in California I thought I would be safe from such temptation. Right…

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Monday, May 20, 2013

My New “This Makes Me Feel Sexy” Lipstick: Illamasqua Lipstick in Box

Let’s face it, me being close to 5 months pregnant, very little can make me feel sexy these days. But, somehow the  Illamasqua Lipstick in Box ($24) broke the “My face is so full I can’t look in the mirror” spell. When I’m wearing it I feel inspired to keep checking my reflection (as you can see from the photo below), pouting my lips at my husband, and feeling like I’m channeling a film noire temptress.

How did I discover it? Actually, I didn’t. My friend Jocelyn was over at the house, sipping wine (don’t worry… I had sparkling water but why should she be punished for my bun in the oven?) and raiding the beauty room.  I love introducing friends like Jocelyn (a makeup artist and lash extension stylist) to the beauty room because they actually appreciate the masses of makeup and skincare, and I love sharing it with them!  We were rapidly filling up Jocelyn’s beauty trick or treat bag when we started going through my hoards of makeup.  She took the top off of the Illamasqua lipstick and gave me a quizzical look. I shot her back a look like, “What??”

“Janna, you’ve never used this,” she said as she twisted the lipstick up.

“Um, there are a lot of lipsticks I haven’t used in this room, Jocelyn.”

“Yeah, but this one would look really good on you. Try this on now!” she demanded as she handed me the lipstick.

There was no good reason why I hadn’t tried it except for that I probably have at least 100 lipsticks (no exaggeration) in my beauty room and in various handbags. It’s tough getting through them all! #beautybloggerproblems

I swiped on the lipstick and looked in the mirror. “Wow,” I said to my reflection. Jocelyn was right (and she knew it based on the look on her face). It made my lips look pouty and was the perfect shade of red for my skin tone and eye and hair color. Jocelyn gave me a quick I told you so in the form of, “See! This is going to be your new color!” She’s right.

If you’re ready to get your sex kitten on… the lipstick is a long-lasting matte so make sure you exfoliate your lips first and apply a balm at least 10 minutes before applying.  But once you swipe on the lipstick you probably won’t have to touch up again for the night (unless of course you’re making out for hours on end because the lipstick makes you that irresistible).

Send me photos of yourself wearing the lipstick. I’m dying to see what it looks like on other people!




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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

7-Minute Makeup Routine (Yes, I Timed It)

I know you all think I plop myself down in front of my vanity every morning and spend a good hour putting on my face — using several different concealers to camouflage my puffy eyes, carefully sculpting the perfect winged eye, prepping and painting on the perfect statement lip — ok that’s me on a big night out, but not during the week. I mean come on, I live in crunchy Northern California now so I’ve kind of been forced to embrace the “Fresh Face Look”. The good news? I found that I can actually look surprisingly good after dedicated  5-7 minutes to my makeup routine. And for those of you mommies and worker bees who don’t have more than a few minutes to slap on your makeup in the morning, you are going to love me forever:

5 Minute Makeup Routine

Photo courtesy Dogwithbeards via deviantart

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Banished to the Beauty Graveyard: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar

This was the fastest banishment (in truth I’m sending it straight back to Sephora) in the beauty graveyard’s history.  Usually I don’t make the Sephora return deadline because I like to give a product up for banishment a few chances. Not with the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar ($18). There has been some buzz around this high-pigment liquid lipstick so I was so excited when I first opened the cute little zippered pouch that came with instructions, a tube, and a lip brush. I bought it in Anime – seriously neon fuchsia since fuchsia is such a hot color for Spring.

Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tar

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

7 Days of Smooches Challenge: Day 7 MAC Rebel Lipstick

First of all…  Happy Valentine’s Day, my lovelies!!! May your Valentine’s Day be full of lots smooches and yummy chocolate!

Getting onto the important stuff… I spent the last 7 days torturing my husband by smooching him with various lipsticks, tints, tinted balms, stains, etc. to find out which products are the most kissable. I saved MAC Lipstick Rebel ($15) for last because it’s the lipstick I’ve been wearing pretty consistently for the past few months for all my nights out. I also saved the Rebel for last because I feared it would stain my poor hubby’s lips, putting a dramatic halt to our challenge.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

7 Days of Smooches Challenge: Day 5 Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lip Colour SPF 18

Yes, I’m a bit late on this one (like a day), but with a good excuse, I swear!!  I blame my husband’s boss for this one. My poor hubby didn’t get home from work until 9 pm and I had to let the poor guy eat before assaulting him with my red lips.  Since I went high-end for Day 4 I thought I would dip into the drugstore treasure trove for Day 5.  I’ve been dying to try the Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lip Colour SPF 18 since I heard a lot of good buzz about it so I picked one up in Red Alert at my local Target. I was definitely impressed with how creamy and moisturizing the lipstick was for such a rich pigment.  I also love that it has SPF 18, which makes it ideal for every day use.  But on to the true test…

The True Test

My husband first exclaimed, “sexy” when he saw me pursing my fire engine lips into a pucker.  He changed his position post-kiss when he looked in the mirror and saw that he looked like  Ronald McDonald after a street fight (one which he miserably lost) and I didn’t look much better.  I looked like a cross between Cat Marnell and a street hooker who got roughed up by her John.  In the lipstick’s defense, we did make out a little. (too much information?)

The Verdict

We’ve got another lipstick that I absolutely loved before it went to the smooch battle.  I highly recommend this lipstick for work or for a ladies night out (as long as you don’t plan on having any random hookups) but I certainly would stay away from slicking on this bad boy for date night. I regret to say we have another 0/5 smooches.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

7 Days of Smooches Challenge: Day 4 Dolce & Gabbana Monica Voluptuous Lipstick

We’re going high-end lip for Day 4 of our Smooches Challenge with Dolce & Gabbana Monica Voluptuous Lipstick in Magnetic Monica ($33). Let’s face it… nobody screams sexy louder than Monica Bellucci. I can’t promise you’re going to look like Monica when you slick on this voluptuously creamy, pigmented lipstick but you can certainly try channeling her. And don’t think I didn’t try this pose in the mirror several times.  Incidentally, I looked like I was self-massaging a neck cramp.

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Monday, December 31, 2012

Beauty Binge’s Top 5 Beauty Products of 2012

One of the things I love most about being a shameless beauty addict is discovering the kind of  products I can’t stop talking about.  Whether they were just launched this year or have been other peoples’ cult favorites for decades (but newly discovered by me), when it comes to finding quality beauty products age is of no consequence.

Below you will find my most recommended products this past year that have also found themselves in the coveted position of being in my permanent beauty regimen rotation:

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter ($7.49): I’m yet to find a lipstick more hydrating that drops as much pigment as these do.  I love that they come in both sheer and opaque shades which makes them fun to mix and layer.  You can’t imagine how many women have thanked me for introducing these happy little hydrators to their makeup bags.

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