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Friday, January 10, 2014

My New 5-Minute Makeup Routine!

Now that I have a baby girl, the days of me turning my makeup application process into a long, enjoyable ritual — taking an hour to carefully plan and execute the perfect smoky eye or shadowed winged eye while downing a couple glasses of chardonnay — are long gone.  Now, I’m lucky to have five minutes before my husband is calling me to the door.

People who aren’t true makeup lovers never understood how it could take me so long to get ready… It was never that I felt naked or ugly without a full face of makeup or that I’m so vain that I needed 60 minutes to perfect my face… I actually relished the process. It was almost a form of meditation for me.

I’ve found that even though I can’t take the time to create new dramatic makeup looks (and let’s face it, my social schedule isn’t quite demanding cat eyes and electric fuchsia lipstick), I enjoy the fact that I’ve been able to whittle down my routine significantly, still be pleased with the final product, and even get in 5 minutes of my own personal meditation:

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Makeup Tutorial: 5-Minute ‘Going Out’ Eye Using MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Shadows

It’s 3 PM on a gorgeous weekday in the summertime. You longingly steal stares out the window, trying to mentally transport yourself to the grassy knoll across the street.   You check your email to find your friend has secured a table at an outdoor venue for after-work drinks, starting in two hours.  You immediately perk up at the thought of enjoying the weather without having to climb out onto your fire escape. But wait! You barely have any eye makeup on!  And let’s face it, any remnants of this morning’s makeup are going to melt off once subjected to the summertime heat.  You frantically search your handbag but only come up with lipsticks and glosses.  Never fear, my beauties…

Meet the MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Shadows ($20) waterproof shadow pencils that come in 12 different shades (5 matte and 6 pearly) and can be used as both liners and shadows.  They blend beautifully, lasting through long hours of heat and humidity and they’re the perfect size for stashing in your lipstick bag.

I was lucky enough to have the lovely Maria as a houseguest this past weekend and as soon as she saw the collection of Aqua Shadows she dropped her bags and was ready to play.  She created a gorgeous evening eye on me (see below) within the span of a few minutes, using only two of the pencils (#8E: a vivid matte teal and #20E: a pearly taupe) and her ring finger  to make me look like I was ready for a night out of no good:

Full Disclosure: These photos were taken a day before my eyelash extension fill-in so please forgive the sparse scraggly lashes)


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