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Monday, November 12, 2012

It’s Official. I’m Obsessed: Mary Kay TimeWise Repair Eye Renewal Cream

Yes, you read the headline correctly.  My latest obsession is made by the pink cadillac-cavalry “bringing makeup parties home to the housewives” Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Now, don’t be a snob (okay fine I was until I was reintroduced to the brand) and keep an open mind.  Good skincare is simply good skincare and the Mary Kay TimeWise Repair Eye Renewal Cream  ($40) made me throw the rest of my eye creams in the beauty cabinet  like little Velveteen Rabbits.  I’m in love with the creamy, non-sticky nor greasy texture (which makes applying makeup so much easier) and it gives me an instant tightening and brightening effect. The eye cream comes in a tube with a  metal-tip applicator which soothes my swollen eyes and encourages micro-stimulation.  With active ingredients like plant stem cells (firms), peptides (repairs), and a hyaluronic acid booster (hydrates) this eye cream is a multi-tasking powerhouse.

Okay, I know I’m sounding like I’m ready to start driving around town in a pink caddy going door-to-door, but if the rest of Mary Kay’s collection is this good, well ya never know.  I may wear all black now, but whose to say I wouldn’t rock a pink polyester suit?

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist Charlie Green: Part 1

Betsey Johnson backstage at her show, “Has everyone met Charlie? My favorite makeup artist on earth?”

I remember first seeing celebrity makeup artist Charlie Green on MTV several years ago, with her platinum pixie hair and effervescent attitude she literally sparkled on screen like a Christmas tree caught fire.  With over 20 years of  painting the faces of celebrities (Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Penelope Cruz), top models for  the runways (Betsey Johnson, Victoria’s Secret, Tommy Hilfiger),  celebrities and models for major ad campaigns (Cover Girl, Estee Lauder, Revlon) and magazine spreads (Elle, Vogue, Vanity Fair), Charlie is the makeup artist for delivering sexy, feminine looks.  She doesn’t stop at applying the cosmetics, she helps companies design them too.  She’s worked with tons of beauty brands developing and launching products.  You know that sexy shimmering body  lotion from Victoria’s Secret that make your legs look like Barbie legs? Yeah, Charlie designed it.  In fact, she worked with Victoria’s Secret to design their entire line and then put it to the test on the runways with the likes of  Gisele, Naomi, and Adriana.

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