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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Splurge: Amore Pacific Time Response Skin Renewal Foundation SPF 18

I figure it makes the most sense to share my splurges with you on Sundays since the chances of my husband tearing himself away from football to read this are about as good as La Mer  going on sale.

So for my inaugural Sunday Splurge post I am sharing Amore Pacific Time Response Skin Renewal Foundation SPF 18 ($90) because I simply cannot shut up about it.  Full disclosure: I’ve never been a huge fan of foundation.  I never liked the way it sat on my sensitive skin and I always felt like my pores couldn’t breathe. The only time I’ve really worn foundation is when I’ve gotten my makeup professionally done for a special event.

Last month, when Maria was fervently dotting concealer ALL OVER my red splotches she suddenly stopped and gave out a long sigh, “Janna, I think it’s time you started using foundation on a regular basis.”  I wanted to slap her. How dare she? I’ve always gotten compliments on my skin! I mean, yes, in the past five years my skin has gotten more sensitive and prone to redness, but to suggest foundation??   I’m pretty sure I  hissed at her. She was undeterred.  “Janna, you have a lot of redness and there are tons of brands that are great for sensitive skin.”  Whatever.

I wrapped myself in my blankets of denial and forgot about it until I recently got a facial at Amore Pacific in Soho.  The esthetician said the same thing to me (I’m pretty sure I hissed at her as well).  She explained that their foundation is more like a pigmented skin treatment.  It has calming botanicals and antioxidants like Green Tea and has SPF 18. She assured me it wouldn’t clog my pores. I figured the ultimate test (and sacrifice) would be to wear the foundation home after my pores were still open and vulnerable post-facial (Do not try this at home! Never apply makeup after a facial).

Obviously, (given the headline of this post) the foundation did not irritate my skin in the least.  Not only did the foundation completely melt into my skin, I have never seen my face look so luminous and air-brushed.  I love that you pump the hygenic top once and a single-use amount comes out.  After primer, I dot my clean fingers with the foundation and use small strokes to blend it all over my face.  I don’t even need a sponge to blend it! It gives such a glow without any feeling of greasiness.

Talk about longevity… I applied it Friday morning at 6 AM in Denver.  I was subjected to dry air all morning. Then I raced through an airport and got on a four hour flight back to NYC.  I was home at 8 PM and MY SKIN STILL LOOKED FLAWLESS!!!

So for those of you who are like “I just don’t wear that much makeup and I can’t imagine wearing foundation every day,” I assure you this foundation will change your perception forever.  It is worth every penny. I personally wear shade #104, but you should either go in person to Neiman MarcusBergdorf Goodman,  or Amore Pacific Soho to choose your shade.  You can also buy online at Nordstrom.

Leave your husbands shouting at their teams on TV today and go get your Sunday Splurge on!

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