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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Drugstore Cowgirl: Help! I Left for Vacation Without My Makeup Bag!!!

We’ve all been there before… Okay, in all honesty I haven’t been there since the 10th grade, but let’s face it, I’m not the norm.  My good friend Rachel frantically wrote me from vacation saying she in fact had forgotten her makeup bag at home and she needed a drugstore shopping list from me pronto. Rachel had the right idea in replacing her makeup with drugstore finds. The last thing you want to do is spend a ton of money on dupes of department store and Sephora makeup.  And depending on where you’re on vacation, such luxuries may not even be an option.  So don’t panic! I’m going to get you through your vacation:

Foundation: Do you really need foundation on vacation?? Really?  I personally say skip it but if you insist, try L’Oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Makeup ($10.95) which contains no oils, fragrances, or pore-clogging fillers. It also has skin-loving ingredients like Vitamins A and C, wheatgerm and grape fruit extract. And most importantly, it comes in 33 different shades so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a match.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

7 Days of Smooches Challenge: Day 5 Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lip Colour SPF 18

Yes, I’m a bit late on this one (like a day), but with a good excuse, I swear!!  I blame my husband’s boss for this one. My poor hubby didn’t get home from work until 9 pm and I had to let the poor guy eat before assaulting him with my red lips.  Since I went high-end for Day 4 I thought I would dip into the drugstore treasure trove for Day 5.  I’ve been dying to try the Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lip Colour SPF 18 since I heard a lot of good buzz about it so I picked one up in Red Alert at my local Target. I was definitely impressed with how creamy and moisturizing the lipstick was for such a rich pigment.  I also love that it has SPF 18, which makes it ideal for every day use.  But on to the true test…

The True Test

My husband first exclaimed, “sexy” when he saw me pursing my fire engine lips into a pucker.  He changed his position post-kiss when he looked in the mirror and saw that he looked like  Ronald McDonald after a street fight (one which he miserably lost) and I didn’t look much better.  I looked like a cross between Cat Marnell and a street hooker who got roughed up by her John.  In the lipstick’s defense, we did make out a little. (too much information?)

The Verdict

We’ve got another lipstick that I absolutely loved before it went to the smooch battle.  I highly recommend this lipstick for work or for a ladies night out (as long as you don’t plan on having any random hookups) but I certainly would stay away from slicking on this bad boy for date night. I regret to say we have another 0/5 smooches.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What “No Makeup” Look? My Top Makeup Finds for Creating a Sexy Eye This Fall

Ignore what you’re seeing on the runways… Unless you have Karlie Kloss’s bone structure, the “no makeup” look takes on more of an “Oops! I got all dressed up but I forgot to put on my makeup” look. You just got all those fabulous Fall clothes out of storage and they deserve to be celebrated with some sexy eye makeup. Luckily the top makeup brands didn’t toss all their pigments when they saw the “no makeup” look gain momentum in the February shows, instead they launched their Fall Collections with gorgeous, innovative products to help create the full spectrum of “going out” looks. Leave the “no makeup look” for the model-types and get your binge on:

makeup forever black tango

Let's start with the drama! The limited-edition MAKE UP FOR EVER Black Tango Palette Black Tango Palette ($45) gives you a forbidden dance-inspired palette with rich, dark creamy colors that can create a thick cat eye or intense smoky eye with a few swipes of the double-sided brush. The flat-tipped brush is also perfect for creating an instant waterproof eyeliner line.

Colors include: Black with Red Highlights - More of a dark plum-meets-brown with subtle red glints (perfect for blue and hazel eyes); Black with Green Highlights - Shows up the blackest with fine green glitter. (Perfect for all eye colors; ideal for creating a black cat eye with a very subtle glimmer); Black with Blue Highlights - By far my favorite color with its midnight blue pigment and micro blue glitter that only shows up when it catches the light. I use this as an eyeliner and to create a dramatic smoky eye (good for all eye colors, especially blue); Ivory - Gorgeous, creamy, multi-dimensional highlighter to swipe along your brow bone and blend into the inner corners of your eyes.

Don't forget that since these are such intense, highly-pigmented colors you should always do a practice run so you don't end up looking like Bad Halloween.


I am in love with these little shadow palettes! I use Rimmel Glam' Eyes HD Quad Eyeshadow in Heart of Gold ($5.63) when I want to stay away from the bold, dark colors but still want my eye makeup to look dressy. I use the bronze on my lids, the dark brown in my crease and to go over my liner, the highlighter on my brow bone, and the gold on the inner corner of my eyes. The shadows all have a really pretty subtle shimmer and remind me of a less frosty Bobbi Brown Bronze Shimmer Brick.

The Rimmel Glam 'Eyes Eye Shadow in Royal Blue ($5.68) is perfect for creating a candy-colored smoky eye for a big night out with the ladies. I first use the midnight blue along my lash line and start blending upwards and then use the light blue to create a gradient effect, continuing to blend upwards to my crease. I further define by blending the midnight blue from the outer corner in a "v" shape to my crease and then blend like hell. I then line my lower lash line with the midnight blue and then blend some of the light blue over the top. I use the bright white highlighter on my brow bone and pressed into the inner corner of my eyes.


The Smashbox Waterproof Shadow Liner Metallic Bronze ($22) quickly made Velveteen Rabbits out of all my other brown eyeliners as soon as I glided the dark brown pigment along my lash line. The rich, bronzish brown has the tiniest flecks of glitter (hence the name "metallic bronze") without looking frosty or nightclubby. The fine glitter simply makes your eyes look brighter and sparkly, especially when you're having your photo taken. The shadow pencil's staying power blows away the competition, staying glorious for several hours, regardless of if I've applied it as an eyeliner, shadow, or both. I was so psyched to see the smudger on the other end too, something competing shadow pencils seem to lack.

Tip: To create a thin line, swipe an eyeliner brush like Chantecaille Eye Liner Brush ($28) along the side of the pencil and apply to lash line like a cream eyeliner.

tarte beauty

The Tarte Beauty & The Box Amazonian Clay Eye Shadow Quad ($22) is ideal for all you ladies who are so over all the drama. You just want to create a pretty "going out" eye with some nice neutrals without fuss. You can use the first three colors to create a day look and then bump it up at night by blending the last color (dark brown) into your crease and along your lash line. Voila! You're like Career Barbie easily transitioning from day to night! A couple added bonuses with this one...1. The shadows are made with Amazonian Clay which helps absorb surface oils and helps the overall skin texture. 2. The palette comes with a mini-mascara, perfect for Career Barbie touch-ups!

makeup forever black tangorimmelSB_C0L3_430tarte beauty

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