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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Male Reader G$ Desperate to Hold On (to the Sun that is…)

Hi Beauty Binge,

I was just on vacation with my beautiful boyfriend and spent some well deserved
free time sunning myself on the white sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast. I am
Irish, but contrary to popular belief I tan quite well (albeit after a day or
two of being lobster red). My skin, being confined to an artificially lit office
for the past several months, did peel a bit but nothing a little aloe couldn’t
handle. However now I’m back in the office, depressed as ever, with only my
beautiful bronzed hands left as a reminder of the happier days gone by. So
finally to my question… Can you please help me save my tan? It is my only saving
grace. It helps people see me through gold tinted glasses and I love it! I need
to know what are some of the best moisturizers to use to keep me “naturally”
tanned until Thanksgiving? Should I be using something with a hint of self
tanning or just the recommended aloe? All suggestions are welcome and will be
used to prevent inevitable paling of the skin. 
I must keep this beautiful tan for as long as possible!

Help me oh beautiful one!


Yo G$!

I'm currently feeling your pain, being that I'm just back from Bermuda. Of course I wasn't as cavalier with the dangerous sun as you (bad boy. I'm terrified to ask what SPF you were using), but I do have a subtle glow I'm hoping to grasp until at least Halloween. 

First, you need more than aloe. Aloe is a soother for sunburn and over-exposure but you need to go into hydration mode, stat!  Every night I want you to apply Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Maximum Hydrator, which will being the healing process.

If you are still feeling dry in the morning after you shave, apply Lab Series for Men Oil Control Daily Hydrator. This will hydrate, but won't make you shiny.  Now, if you're feeling hydrated and lovely after you shave and you just want to get your glow on, use Anthony Logistics for Men Self Tanner with Anti-Aging Complex. I LOVE this self-tanner for men or women because it has superstar healing and hydrating ingredients like peptides and green tea, and it gives a natural glow.   Apply this every day on its own or after your daily moisturizer.  Make sure you thoroughly wash your hands after every application so you don’t end up with creepy oompa-loompa hands.

G$, let the glow be with you. And if I ever hear about you taking that Irish skin into the sun again without at least 30 on your face I will burn you myself.  Lobster red for two days = permanent sun damage!

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