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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Farewell to an Icon: Vidal Sassoon Dies at 84

Vidal Sassoon, the original celebrity hairstylist, died today in Los Angeles at 84.  Sassoon revolutionized women’s hair in the 1960s when “hair styling” usually meant hours of hot rollers, teasing, tons of hairspray, and sitting under a dryer.  “My idea was to cut shape into the hair, to use it like fabric and take away everything that was superfluous,” Sassoon said in 1993 in the Los Angeles Times. “Women were going back to work, they were assuming their own power. They didn’t have time to sit under the dryer anymore.”

Every bobbed hair look you see on celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Victoria Beckham stems from Sassoon’s original work and vision.

Some of Sassoon’s most famous creations:


Even though Sassoon was famous for getting haircuts right, he admitted in a 2011 interview with the New York Times that sometimes his experiments would go terrible wrong and he would assuage his clients with a catch phrase: “It’ll grow, darling. Come back and be my guest.”


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