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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Best Way to Get Skin Ready for Fall: Win Free Products from First Aid Beauty!

For those of you who’ve read Beauty Binge from the beginning you know I worship at the house of First Aid Beauty.  I find that it’s one of the only skincare brands that acts as a Valium to my overly sensitive drama queen skin. Um, thank GOD for their Ultra Repair Cream during my pregnancy. At first I was hesitant to waste that fluffy hydrating goodness on my body… But, when my belly and legs got attacked by a bad case of the pregnancy itchies, I found the Ultra Repair was the only cream that managed to calm my skin and prevent me from lighting it on fire. I was also worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up any kind of anti-aging regimen while I was pregnant but after doing some research I found the Dual Repair line was safe for mommys-to-be. So I use the Dual Repair Power Serum every day before my moisturizer. Everyone wins.

Okay, enough about me…

Let’s talk about how you can win some products!  First Aid Beauty is giving away over $600 worth of products in their “Fab to the Rescue Sweeps”.  Here are the prizes:

1  Grand Prize: $300 prize pack including Ultra Repair Cream, Oatmeal Mask, Facial Radiance Polish, Dual Repair Eye Cream, and more!

2 Runners Up: $150 prize pack including various First Aid Beauty Products

To enter, either click the photo above or follow this link:

Good luck my lovelies!



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Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Torrid Love Affair with First Aid Beauty Reaches a New Level of Love

We all know I have sensitive drama queen skin (mainly because I won’t shut up about it) which means most anti-agers are strictly off limits. You can imagine my elation when I heard one of my favorite brands, First Aid Beauty (FAB), is launching a line of anti-aging products specifically for sensitive skin called FAB Dual Repair.  My elation hit a ridiculous level (like chanting OHMYGOD OHMYGOD over and over again until my husband demanded to hear the news) when I found out they wanted me to be a FAB Dual Repair Blogger Ambassador, representing their brand and their new product line.    Now, you should know I’ve had the chance to work with brands prior to this but I was never interested because I wasn’t passionate about the brands (which means this was my first OHMYGOD OHMYGOD since I was made a finalist in the Allure Beauty Blogger Awards).  What got me about this opportunity was that I knew I would have zero problem raving about the FAB products since I’ve been doing it since the inception of my blog…

My review of First Aid Beauty’s 5 in 1 Face Cream SPF 30 was my second blog post in the history of this blog and the very first product review. This means that among my piles and drawers (and let’s face it closets) full of beauty products, I was more passionate about this face cream than any other product.  That’s love I tell ya.  I declared it “the soul mate for my sensitive skin” and that it was one of the very few beauty products I would never cheat on (though I’m cheating on it now with the FAB Dual Repair, but that doesn’t really count since I stayed in the family. Note: this rule does not apply with husbands, only skincare).

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Giveaway Time!! Enter to Win a Tarte Set of 5 Full-Size Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Glosses

Who loves you more than Beauty Binge? I’m parting with the Tarte Set of 5 Full-Size Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Glosses  that I just ranked as the #1 gift set to buy yourself!    

What can I say? Maybe writing about gift sets I wanted to buy myself made me feel guilty  so who better to give back to than my readers??  Good luck my lovelies!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

3 Holiday Gift Sets You Should Buy Yourself (Did I Just Say That Out Loud?)

Okay, yes I know this is the season for giving but it’s also the season for taking advantage of when the top beauty companies put out gift sets that that combine their best-selling products for much less than you would pay a la carte. I mean come on, you deserve a little self-love, right?? Obviously if you have friends and family members who share your beauty addiction buy them one too!

1.  Tarte Set of 5 Full-Size Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Glosses $34.50 ($105.00 value): This set can actually make you feel a little better about buying it for yourself since you can just keep your favorite shades and slap a bow on the rest and give them as gifts.  These unique glosses are both hydrating and long-lasting and thankfully don’t leave your lips looking like a frosty mall chick mess (which I forbid; frost is bad).  Active ingredient Maracuja Oil moisturizes while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving lips a fuller, plumped appearance.


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Friday, August 10, 2012

Skin Authority Giveaway: We Have An Adorable Winner!!

Congratulations to Julianne Vanderbaan from Ontario, Canada for winning the Skin Authority Sensitive Skin Kit (worth $322)!  

Could she be any cuter??   Julianne, you are going to love these products, BUT… Judging your age by your photo, my advice is to hand over the Super C Serum and Vitamin A Skin Renewal to Mom who will love you forever for it!

In addition to regular using their Sensitive Skin Kit (Julianne, I’m an old lady so I can handle the anti-agers), I actually just slathered on some Skin Authority Calming Cream on the areas where I butchered my face via evil blackhead extractions (yes, I know I shouldn’t be picking at my skin…) which took down the redness and irritation immediately!

A HUGE thank you to Skin Authority for generously providing the Skin Authority Sensitive Skin Kit  for this giveaway!!

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Gorgeous Giveaway: Skin Authority Sensitive Skin Kit!

The only thing better than amazing skincare is FREE amazing skincare!! As promised in my post earlier today, thanks to the lovelies at Skin Authority, I am able to giveaway a Sensitive Skin Kit (worth $322.00) to one of my lucky readers!

The Sensitive Skin Kit includes:

– Daily Cleanser, 6.0 oz – Antibacterial gel removes dirt, oil, and cell build-up while normalizing pH, leaving skin feeling clean, smooth, and ready for treatment.

– Super-C Serum, 1.0 oz – Body’s natural form of Vitamin C fortified by antioxidants for maximum absorption and to increase firmness and tone while protecting against irritation and redness caused by sun exposure.

– Vitamin A Cell Renewal, 1.7 oz – Non-irritating Retinyl Palimitate cream formula unclogs pores and stimulates turnover to smooth skin and prevent breakouts without irritation or side-effects.

– Ultra Rich Moisturizer, 1.0 oz – The “Earl Grey Tea” of skin care, calms, soothes, and restores skin’s moisture balance and evens out skin tone by reducing inflammation and redness.

– Sunscreen Moisturizer SPF 30 UVA 4-Stars, 4.0 oz – Lightweight, dual action formula moisturizes and protects against UV damage.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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