meet janna

Hi, I’m Janna.

I am a beauty addict.

I know I am not alone in my affliction. There is a reason why Sephora is open until midnight (A little hint: avoid Sephora when you’ve had a few cocktails. Nothing good is going to come of that).

I’ve been smacked by Gucci bags and stepped on by Louboutin boots, as women claw to get their perfectly manicured hands on the “gift with purchase” bags at Saks.  I’ve seen the hunger in women’s kohl-rimmed eyes as they stand in the rain for a Fresh sample sale, not caring that they look like Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Your first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem.  Actually… let me rephrase that. I can’t promise there will be steps to recovery, even if you admit you have a problem.  What I can promise is I can guide you towards binging responsibly – buying only the best of the best products (regardless of whether they are new or the Kardashians swear by them).  You can reap the benefits of my network of experts’ advice (Did you know that the reason you may have hair breakage on one side is because of your handbag strap? Thank you Meghan Baldwin, Eva Scrivo salon in NYC). And, you will enjoy the right services at the best spas (read: “best” doesn’t always mean most expensive).

So join me in my gluttonous world, and become another Veruca Salt… “Daddy, I want a Dior lipstick now!”

Janna Mandell is the founder and editor of Beauty Binge, an edgy yet girly blog that celebrates the addiction of beauty. Janna is the Beauty Police daily columnist for E! Entertainment, where she analyzes celebrity looks and helps readers achieve at-home beauty trends. She is also a frequent contributor to Huffington Post for both beauty and travel stories.  She has also been published in the San Francisco Chronicle, Style SectionShe has been quoted in the New York Times, Ladies Home Journal, and  Conde Nast Traveler and is a frequent On-Air Beauty Expert for News 10 Sacramento.  Janna also has a weekly Podcast, available through iTunes, called “My Beauty Binge.”  Janna and her husband recently moved to the San Francisco Bay Area from New York City, where she lived for 16 years and was a Wall Street executive, leading an all female team  in Business Development, Strategy, and Sales for a global electronic trading firm. Previously, Janna was a freelance nightlife writer for New York Magazine and Details.

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