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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blemish Monsters: The Bad, the Worse, and the Grotesquely Ugly…

There’s nothing worse than feeling a little something developing on your face.  I’m not talking about the little hormone zits you get before your period or a pesky white head that pops up with some friends after a long session at the gym. I’m talking about a full-on painful, red pimple that starts hurting before it’s even a bump.  I’m talking about the kind of pimple that gets so big and ugly you’re sure that an alien life-form may hatch from it during the night.

Your first instinct is to panic.  You furiously douse the area with every topical acid and acne fighter you can find. You don’t care that your skin will be chapped and peeling. You just want it gone.  Nothing works, so you panic some more and it gets large enough that you figure it’s ripe for the picking.  BAD!! Read the rest of this entry »

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just Because It’s Aggressive Doesn’t Mean It’s Working!

A gorgeous friend of mine (who chooses to remain nameless) sometimes tends towards dry skin, very occasionally (like one every several months) will get a pimple which she douses with anything toxic she can get her hands on. She showed up the other day with enlarged pores and upon closer examination, faint red spots all over her face.

Me: “What overly-aggressive product did you use last night?”

She frantically grabs a mirror and starts touching her face. Of course I scream at her, “Stop touching your face!”

She sheepishly confesses, “Um, uh… I started using Dr. Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads last week.”

Me: “Did you happen to notice your skin isn’t having a fantastic reaction?”

Her response: “Well, I just figured it was working!”

Me: “Rigggght…. So ‘feeling it working’ doesn’t mean it’s actually helping.”

Her response: “Well it was kind of expensive and shouldn’t I just give it a couple weeks? Doesn’t it take a couple weeks for results?”

A couple weeks?  She would look like a burn victim if she gave it a couple weeks! When you hear you should give a product a try for two weeks, that’s for treating existing ailments, not creating new ailments!  If you see: enlarged pores, red spots, white heads, raised bumps, and/or dry patches that weren’t there before you started a new product, stop using the product! 

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