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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Splurge: CHANEL Spring 2012 Makeup Collection

Yes, I want the entire HARMONIE DE PRINTEMPS collection. I started out with just mooning over the LES 4 OMBRES QUADRA EYE SHADOW ECLOSION.   The collection was inspired by the Spring “light of dawn.”  I love the peachy nail polish and the soft reds and corals.

I probably won’t go terribly crazy and buy the entire collection (I do have some self-control).  I do think it would be a crime though not to buy the LES 4 OMBRES QUADRA EYE SHADOW ECLOSION.  The quality of Chanel’s eyeshadows are impeccable.  They work both wet and dry, and they blend well with other brands.  I also want to buy the BLUSH HORIZON DE CHANEL for it’s soft  sun-kissed spectrum, and obviously the peachy nail polish in JUNE.
Do I need all this makeup? Well, no. But, what I do need in the middle of February is to bathe my face in Spring sunshine.  Buying this collection is a lot cheaper than a beach vacation.
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