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Friday, November 4, 2011

I Guess Beauty is in the Eye(liner) of the Beholder

My gorgeous friend Jen wrote in on my eyeliner post. Since the first day I met her, Jen has always had impeccable makeup (of course she is one of those girls who doesn’t even need makeup), so obviously  I trust her opinion implicitly:

“hey janna, after trying many eyeliners including the Dior my fave is by kat von d. it is her liquid eyeliner pen in trooper. it is way cheaper than the dior and better. the dior would actually cause an allergic reaction on my lid. it is usually sold out of sephora so you are better off ordering it online. love your halloween costume by the way. so sad we missed the party. xx jen”

So ladies, I have no choice but to warn you about the Dior Liquid Eyeliner. If you have sensitive eyes like Jen you may want to skip this product. It’s tough to spot-test with liquid eyeliner. Oviously it’s unsanitary to sample it in-store, and it’s tough to justify spending $33 for a product you may have to throw away.  I personally wear contacts and can get itchy eyes, but I did not have a reaction.  I love it!

Thanks for the note, Jen. I will definitely give the  Kat Von D liner a try!

Photo courtesy of ~Wytske

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