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Friday, March 22, 2013

Battling My Bitchy Skin’s Latest Identity Crisis – Dry Patches, Blackheads, Puffy Eyes, Oh MY!

I am so over my skin which seems to be having a different psychotic episode every week.  I simply can’t keep up with its latest crisis.  This week it threw me a curve ball and decided to have several different conflicting issues at once — dry patches on my cheeks, blackheads on my nose, and terribly puffy eyes (which may be the result of the bag of pork rinds I scarfed down a couple days ago and the Chinese food I ate last night. In my defense I don’t usually consume so much sodium, but it sure tasted good at the time).

miles aldridge angry diva

Photo courtesy Miles Aldridge Angry Diva

When your skin freaks out like mine it’s time to get creative and make “spot-treating” a true art form.  Before you begin your art project, make sure you cleanse your skin and exfoliate with a gentle exfoliant like Exfoliant Doux Aromatique Aux 3 Roses (Gentle Aromatic Exfoliant)  ($31) or with a CLARISONIC Cleansing System ($149): 

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Revived from the Archives: The Horrors of Halloween (…I’m talking about my skin obviously)

Since Halloween is upon us, and I know better than anyone how much your skin can take a beating during these times of extreme makeup (I’m not proud to say that after my run-through of my Day of the Dead makeup Wednesday, I woke up yesterday to an angry, hiding-like-a-coward-under-the-surface pimple), I wanted to revive this post from Halloween past.  I made some updates to ensure I’m arming you with the best weapons to battle the terrifying oil fields that threaten your skin when you are most vulnerable…

The only thing scarier than Maria in this picture from last Halloween is imagining the damage the cheap makeup did to her skin. I was lucky enough to escape the grease paint (just saying those two words out loud clogs my pores) last year with my bad kitty costume. But this year, I am dressing up as a Lichtenstein Girl and Maria intends to cover my face and decollete with grease paint and other synthetic poisons.

I had a heart-to-heart with her about this yesterday:

Me: So, I don’t suppose you have any sensitive skin Halloween makeup you can use on me?

<<Maria gives me a blank stare>>

Me: Yeah, um, I’m a bit worried about breaking out from that cheap drug store stuff

Maria: (after another lengthy stare) Janna, you just need to prepare yourself for a breakout.


Maria: I’ve tried gentle, natural Halloween makeup in the past and it just doesn’t stay put, and it doesn’t have the same pigment as the cheap stuff.

I’m still reeling from our conversation. There has to be something I can do!!  First thing first, I ordered a Mineral Halloween makeup set from Elegant Minerals.  Maria has many doubts and won’t make any promises about using it, but she’s willing to give it a try. That’s worth the money for me. (2012 UPDATE: MARIA WAS BEYOND RIGHT.  THE ELEGANT MINERALS SET WAS A JOKE.  WE ENDED UP THROWING IT AWAY AFTER SEEING HOW IT BARELY SHOWED UP AFTER THE FIRST SWIPE)

“DAY OF” PREP: I will prep my skin by giving it a mild exfoliation with CosMedix Pure Enzymes Exfoliating Mask and then a nice moisturizing, nourishing mask like Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask .  I will then use a soothing, anti-irritation, anti-redness moisturizer like Skin Medica Redness Relief Calmplex and prepare my skin for battle with my new favorite primer Tarte Clean Slate Poreless 12-Hr Perfecting Primer.

POST-EVENT: The second I say my last goodbye Saturday night I am running to the bathroom to cleanse my skin. First I will take my makeup off with EVE LOM Cleanser and tons of  Cotton Clouds. Then, I will cleanse with Fresh Soy Face Cleanser and my Clarisonic Skincare Brush(which I never use anymore since my skin is so sensitive, but this is an emergency situation).  I will complete my regimen with a soothing spritz of Fresh Rose Marigold Tonic Water, and massage in my soothing, balancing Decleor ‘Aroma Night’ Neroli Essential Night Balm (which is like a spa service in itself).

NEXT MORNING: Fingers crossed, I will wake up without a single clogged pore.   If I wake up congested I will sit rocking in a corner for a few hours crying, then apply my Boscia Luminizing Black Mask.  If “congested” actually means “breakout,” I may end up having to book an emergency facial, pop a couple leftover miniature Snickers in my mouth while brainstorming my makeup-free costume for next year.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Splurge: Eve Lom Travel Essentials

With the holiday season in full swing, I’ve decided to dedicate the rest of my Sunday Splurge posts until Christmas to the art of gluttonous gift-giving (or getting).  These items you will read about in the coming weeks all have two things in common — 1) I don’t own them 2) I would like to own them.  (Who wouldn’t?)

I love shopping Space NK for their indy brands. Their team obviously takes a tremendous amount of time deciding which products to stock and promote.  My one complaint is they’re a little stingy when it comes to GwPs (compared to their generous competitors SkinStoreBloom, and Sephora), but the quality and diversity of the product more than make up for it.

When I was earning my way to their last GwP (obviously I still have to try for any size GwP if it includes products I like or want to try) I got the Eve Lom Rescue Mask.  I’d seen the line before at Barney’s and the product description of the mask appealed to my concerns:

An award-winning mask that does exactly what it claims to do… it rescues irritated, blotchy and distressed skin whilst deep cleaning pores and enhancing exfoliation. The spatula provided helps to allocate the correct amount of product for each usage and minimizes infection and contamination from fingers.

This mask is phenomenal.  I’m not going into detail here since it definitely deserves its own post, but you can imagine I got a great first impression of Eve Lom products.  So when I saw they sell the Eve Lom Travel Essentials Kit ($95), I knew it would be a perfect gateway drug to the brand.

The kit includes:

Cleanser: Use Eve Lom’s original cleanser, along with the muslin cloth, for an unparalleled deep cleanse. This award-winning cult classic does it all, literally melting away makeup and grime as it exfoliates, brightens and tones.

Muslin Cloth: Kind on skin, Eve Lom muslin cloths are made of 100% cotton and are an excellent way to exfoliate and enhance daily cleansing when used with the Eve Lom Cleanser.

Morning Time Cleanser: Wake up your skin with this cleansing balm packed full of essential oils that powerfully decongest and refine your complexion. The quick and easy rinse-off formula gets you out and ready to face the day with soft, supple skin.

Rescue Mask: The ultimate purifying treatment mask that helps to clear congested skin, enhancing your overall skin condition and brightening your complexion.

TLC Radiance Cream: This radiance-boosting cream instantly hydrates skin, smoothes fine lines and works to improve elasticity. A lightweight daily moisturizer, it will make your skin look and feel soft, youthful and glowing.

I travel a ton for work so travel sizes are ideal for me.  I’m also definitely a believer in trying premium brands in small sizes before committing to the investment.  If you want to try something more focused from Eve LomSpace NK offers several different travel size starter sets.  Enjoy!



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