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Friday, May 11, 2012

My New Obsession: Revitalash Spotlight Highlighting Pencil

Don’t be fooled by the brand name (I was before I tried the product)… A) because this product has nothing to do with lashes B) just because the brand started out as a lash enhancer doesn’t mean they don’t know how to create beautiful makeup.   Full disclosure: the RevitaLash Highlighting Pencil ($24) was sent to me by a publicist.  It’s a good thing since I probably never would have bought it on my own.  There are just so many makeup brands out there, and so many highlighters for that matter, that I can’t imagine myself browsing through Sephora and reaching for a makeup pencil created by a lash conditioning brand.  Shame on me for being so narrow minded!

The RevitaLash Highlighting Pencil  is by far the best highlighting product I’ve come across (Bold statement, I know.  But I stand by my words).  This  gel-based pencil (even though it’s called a pencil, it’s more of a shadow stick with a creamy consistency) glides on smooth and plays nice with all my other makeup.   I feel like every highlighter I’ve used in the past for my brow bone and cheeks are either too liquidy (pens like Cle de Peau Beaute Brilliant EnhancerYSL Touche Eclat) or don’t blend well with my powder shadows and bronzer (cream highlighters that seem to make a stripe of sparkle rather than a diffused, blended illumination).  I’ve been forced to use shimmery eye shadow to highlight which tends to cause a sparkle meltdown when it falls all over my face (I’m way too old to wear glitter).

Luckily I can stop worrying about looking like an over-age club kid now that I have RevitaLash Highlighting Pencil  in my arsenal.  It blends beautifully and has a pinkish shimmery sheen.   I swipe that creamy bad boy on my brow bone and from my cheekbones to my temples.  I blend lightly with my finger and then apply the tip of the pencil directly to the inner corner of my eyes to give me a more brightened, awake eye.  Voila! A gorgeous, blended highlighter that lasts all day.


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