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Friday, September 7, 2012

Gift Idea: Skincare Survival Kit for the Blushing Bride

Fall wedding season has begun and trust me when I say step away from the sex novelty shop (yeah you, Maria; you’re not even shopping for a bride) and drop the Victoria’s Secret catalog, I assure you the new bride would much rather you prep her skin for the big day than receive another slutty cowgirl costume  or g-string teddy.

My adorable friend Rachel is getting married (like the movie but this Rachel doesn’t have a promiscuous drug-addicted sister with an ugly dark secret, and I’m pretty sure she’s not having a bohemian experimental jazz wedding) in two short weeks and she knows zero about skincare.  Even though she lacks the knowledge, my little lovely still deserves to properly prep her skin for the big day and not have to worry about packing skincare for the honeymoon.

I started out by buying her an adorable hanging waterproof toiletries bag from Toss Designs that I know she can stuff full of items and fold into her suitcase for easy packing.  The theme of every item in the kit is “gentle, gentle!!!” because let’s face it, do you really want to be responsible for giving the bride an aggressive skincare product that ends up turning her creamy skin into a red-bumped disaster?? That’s a fun phone call to receive…
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