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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Splurge: Mason Pearson Hairbrush

I know it may seem excessive to put a hairbrush that could cost up to $190.00 (of course the one I want only costs $170.00) on your holiday wish list, but does soft, silky hair really have a price?  All blowout-crazy beauty junkies know Mason Pearson brushes are the gold standard of hair tools, lauded by celeb stylists, and known for leaving blown out hair shiny and healthy.

Mason Pearson has been perfecting the art of the hairbrush since 1885.  These brushes literally glide through your hair, tickling your scalp and leaving your tresses gorgeous.  What makes

them so special?   They are handmade, using boars hair and nylon tufts so as to not “break” or tug at your hair. Their signature rubber-cushion pad makes it seem like the bristles are floating on air. This unique design allows the bristles to stimulate your scalp and evenly distribute your  natural oils through your hair.  Great for winter!

See, by putting it on your holiday wish list you are doing your boyfriend or husband a favor. He always talks about how much he loves your hair, right? Well this is just going to make it softer!  (If you think he’s going to need more convincing then that, throw in that you’ll brush his scalp with it to stimulate growth. Wait, maybe don’t. That may not go over well… Stick to the soft, shiny hair. It’s your best bet.)

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