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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Interview with a Miracle Worker – No Not Mother Teresa, Nicole Giannini of Siren Salon!

We all know how picky (and perhaps a bit high-maintenance) I am when it comes to finding the right hair stylist, aesthetician, makeup artist, etc.  It’s tough to impress me, especially when it comes to haircuts. I’ve always stuck to the simple curly girl cuts, refusing to take any gambles with any looks that would dare stray from the norm.  Nicole Giannini, owner of Siren Salon in San Anselmo, CA, managed to break me down after several months (she also colors my hair) of begging me to let her scissors take some weight off my head of endless curls.  The result? A truly miracle haircut that gives me the flexibility to dry my hair naturally or with a diffuser, and allows me to recycle my hair with a few spritzes of water for 1-2 days.   It’s time you learned her genius ways:

BB (Beauty Binge): You trained at the famous Vidal Sassoon academy in London. What was that experience like?

What stands out the most to me is that the British saw changing their hair like changing an accessory – they were adventurous which allowed me to play with tons of styles.  Obviously being schooled at Vidal Sassoon meant I was able to learn the geometric foundations of all the different shapes. What Sassoon did in the 60s was revolutionary and no one has overwritten his basics since.  I got really into his sense of foundation and structure. It really clicked for me.

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