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Friday, December 5, 2014

Rita Hazan Weekly Remedy — Like You Just Stepped Out of a Salon (Seriously…)

No, Rita Hazan is not paying me to write this nor does her publicist have naked pictures of me from my college days. (Maybe from my twenties… Kidding!!) You know I’m a lifelong beauty addict, which means I’ve heard (and fallen for) every promise of magical elixirs that turn dull, frizzy hair into shiny, bouncy, kitten-soft tresses. But, I call ‘em like I see ‘em – Rita Hazan Weekly Remedy literally transformed my hair after one use.

I received the Rita Hazan Weekly Remedy from her lovely publicist (who to reiterate does not have naked pictures of me) and I made it a priority to test it on my coughed-up hairball hair. Seriously, the dry heat blaring from the vents combined with the very rainy season here in the Bay Area made my hair into a dry, brittle, frizzy mess. I even seemed to be getting tangles that resembled dreadlocks underneath. I stand by my coughed-up hairball description.


The treatment is a fast, two-step conditioning process. I mention “fast” because I’ve owned so many hair masks that I never end up using because the process was too much of a time suck. I remember one hair mask said I was supposed to shrink wrap my head and hold a hairdryer on it for 10 minutes. You would think I would have discovered that tidbit before I plunked down $30. I was young and stupid once too.

After I applied and rinsed both treatments, I honestly felt the difference in the texture of my hair right away. I applied my regular styling products and let my hair air-dry for about an hour, and then diffused it. I flipped my head up to reveal, you guessed it, hair that looked like I just stepped out of a salon. Just imagine me flipping my head up in slow motion, curls bouncing everywhere.

From Rita Hazan:

A revolutionary formula that instantly transforms strands into lustrous, healthy, shiny hair with vibrant color. The innovative and lightweight treatment fixes the hair from the inside out immediately for instant gratification. Four oils deeply condition & hydrate while rice proteins strengthen and fortify.

Treat It ( Step 1 ) treats and opens the hair cuticle for optimal penetration of conditioners, proteins, and UV protectors. 

 Seal It ( Step  2 ) -seals and locks in reparative nutrients and conditioners for deep and lasting hydration, while color is preserved with a protective shield.

Rita Hazan Weekly Treatment retails for $42 and is available at Ulta,, and






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