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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spa Slut: Sense, A Rosewood Spa (SF Bay Area) Part 2

Yesterday I made you drool with tales of cucumber water and dark chocolate decadence combined with sweet-smelling amenities like California Woods-scented air and lemongrass bath products — all enjoyed while gazing out of floor-to-ceiling windows facing the Santa Cruz mountains. Welcome to Sense Spa at the Rosewood Sand Hill (about 30 minutes outside of San Francisco).  Read Part 1 to this delicious spa saga here and enjoy Part 2 where I relive my two 90-minute sublime treatments below…

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Spa Slut: The Peninsula NYC Spa by ESPA

In honor of my first Sunday Splurge day, I am posting a review of my favorite luxury spa, the Peninsula New York Spa by ESPA.  A visit to this spa could make me hang up my slut status forever and stick to one spa for the rest of my life.  Oh, how I jest. If only I could fork out $295.00 for every 90 minute treatment whenever I want a facial (which is at least once a week).

I’ve been to many over-the-top destination and hotel spas in my day.  I never thought any institution could come close to the Canyon Ranch in Vegas.  Canyon Ranch is like spa Disney World, and has the same downfall – masses of people. The Peninsula may get busy, especially on the weekends, but you’ll never see more than a handful of fellow spa-goers at a time. They obviously take great care in not over-scheduling.

You get what you pay for at the Peninsula. Yes, it’s expensive as all hell, but you’re rewarded amenities and extravagant facilities that could keep you there all day (and always does in my case).

As soon as I walked off the elevator, I was greeted by a grand, two-story, dimly-lit circular lobby that has a spiral staircase leading up to the gym (I only know there is a gym up there because I see people come down the staircase in gym clothes; I’ve never heard weights crashing nor loud music).  Once I checked in, I was escorted to the locker room where I was provided a robe and fluffy white slippers.  There was chilled water and coconut water, a wall of gym clothes to borrow, and rubber flip-flops for the pool area (you can take advantage of their indoor pool and sundeck).

I padded to the wet area where I found black marble shower stalls, each with their own changing area.  The showers had rain showers and handhelds, as well as the Peninsula’s signature bath products that smell like summer rain.  Classy move: a lotion dispenser in the private changing area of each shower. Who wants to slather on body lotion in front of the entire locker room??  Not I!

The black marble steam room was full of thick eucalyptus-scented steam (and not a trace of a mildew smell, my biggest pet peeve!).  There was also a cedar sauna, an ice fountain (which I’m still not sure of the correct way to utilize.  Do I just scoop up the ice with my hands?  There are no cups or scoopers), and an experience shower. To be honest, the “experience shower” was more of a shower with multiple heads and low water pressure, but since this was the spa’s only blemish, I’ll let it slide.

Once I finished steaming and showering I wrapped myself in an insanely plush towel that smells like it’s been drying in the breeze (another pet peeve of other spas– usually even the finest spas skimp on soft, fluffy towels, and they often smell of bleach. Travesty!)

After I was picked up by my esthetician, Lumi, for my Super Active Calming Facial ($295 for 90 minutes)  I was taken to a large treatment room,
decorated in warm woods and creams.  Lumi told me I could choose my preference of music as well as select the temperature in the room.  I snuggled into the treatment bed and Lumi and I discussed my sensitive skin.  She talked me through the calming products she intended to use and then sounded a bell to begin the healing.  (I could have done without the bell, but I get the Asian vibe they are going for)

The next 90 minutes went by in a foggy blur of relaxation.  Gentle cleansing, multiple masks (I agreed to a $60 add-on calming mask; even though I
believe it should be included considering the hefty price tag). Even the minimal extractions did not make me constrict a muscle.  The facial also included a divine hair protein oil mask that Lumi masterfully massaged into my scalp, and advised me to leave in as long as possible.

Once the treatment was complete, Lumi escorted me to the piece de resistance – the relaxation room.  You get your own little pod that has a remote
control adjustable bed, covered in a fluffy down comforter.  There is a half circular pillow that cradles your head and you are given earphones to choose your own soundtrack.  I was there for several hours – reading under my own little lamp and snoozing to classical music.

Once I emerged from my slumber and reluctantly put back on my street clothes, I checked out easily without any product pushing from the front desk staff.  I made my way down the elevator, and even as I stepped out into the mayhem of Manhattan, I didn’t allow myself mentally to leave the Peninsula (until of course someone stole my cab).

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