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Friday, January 10, 2014

My New 5-Minute Makeup Routine!

Now that I have a baby girl, the days of me turning my makeup application process into a long, enjoyable ritual — taking an hour to carefully plan and execute the perfect smoky eye or shadowed winged eye while downing a couple glasses of chardonnay — are long gone.  Now, I’m lucky to have five minutes before my husband is calling me to the door.

People who aren’t true makeup lovers never understood how it could take me so long to get ready… It was never that I felt naked or ugly without a full face of makeup or that I’m so vain that I needed 60 minutes to perfect my face… I actually relished the process. It was almost a form of meditation for me.

I’ve found that even though I can’t take the time to create new dramatic makeup looks (and let’s face it, my social schedule isn’t quite demanding cat eyes and electric fuchsia lipstick), I enjoy the fact that I’ve been able to whittle down my routine significantly, still be pleased with the final product, and even get in 5 minutes of my own personal meditation:

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Perfect Summer Look: Just a Little Pop of Color…

Summer is here which means as temperatures rise so do the chances of your makeup melting, fading, settling into creases, and sliding off your face.  So not only should you be changing your skincare regimen (unless you’re ultra-dry, swap out your usual creams for lightweight lotions) you’re going to want to downsize your makeup routine.

This summer I’ve found that just by adding a fun-colored eyeliner to my upper lash line I’ve created an instant “going out” look.  Keep in mind I have lash extensions, so you should follow with your favorite mascara.  To make sure your liner lasts the night, prime your eyelids first with concealer and/or a flesh or ivory-colored eye shadow like Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow Ivory  ($21). 

Let’s see some COLOR!!!

Green Eyeliner:

As you can see, Hayden Panettiere rocks this emerald eyeliner, making her green eyes glow. This color is perfect for both green and hazel eyes, but also makes blues eyes look more teal. I personally have dark blue eyes and I’ve been wearing the Palm Leaf (a forest green) of the Paul & Joe Las Palmas Eyeliner & Crayon Duo ($25), which makes my eyes look brighter and take on a more aqua hue.

For a bit more drama like January Jones, use a liquid green liner like MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Liner 4 Diamond Lagoon Green ($23) to make a thick winged eye, and then line the lower lash line with a shimmery green shadow like Urban Decay Eyeshadow Mildew ($18).

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

MAKE UP FOR EVER Makeup Bag Remix: How-to Videos and More!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Magical Mystery Tour called “Makeup Bag Remix” coming to a city near you. I was lucky enough to experience this fun event in all its glory when the MAKE UP FOR EVER trucks cruised into San Francisco.  I was put into the talented hands of Make Up Artist Genoa, who taught me a few tricks on how to utilize my existing makeup to create a day look and how to use a gorgeous MAKE UP FOR EVER palette (see below) to magically camouflage my puffy eyes AND create the perfect hot pink lip.

Now what was totally unique about this event is I had to beg Genoa to show me new MAKE UP FOR EVER  products.  That’s right, it’s the opposite of getting bullied at the makeup counter. These makeup artists stick to their word and show you how to utilize ONLY the products in your bag unless you request to see some new product.  I took a few short videos (and please excuse the extremely unflattering angles. I took one for the team) to help you recreate the magic at home.

How to Conceal Puffy Eyes 

Shockingly Genoa used the MAKE UP FOR EVER 12 Flash Color Case ($99)  to completely neutralize my puffy eyes:
First she patted the white onto the puffiness and then created a sunrise color with the coral and yellow and then layered it on top of the white: (If video doesn’t show up for you, click here)

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Makeup Tutorial: How To Steal Jennifer Lawrence’s Red Carpet Look

We all know Oscar Nominee Jennifer Lawrence knows how to rock a red carpet since she transformed every red carpet into a runway  during her Hunger Games media tour.  She has not disappointed this award season especially considering that for most of the season Jennifer (yes, we’re obviously on a first name basis) should have been in bed or in the hospital rather than strutting her stuff on the red carpet since she was plagued with illness for most of the award shows.  You would never know she even had a sniffle based on her photos — every look was classic and flawless.  Obviously the only way to pay true homage to The Girl on Fire leading up to her big night is to recreate one of her best red carpet looks.  I chose her SAG Awards look:

First I want to introduce and thank our lovely model, Maghan McDowell, a vey talented writer who currently covers Style and Living for the San Francisco Chronicle. She was very patient with my non-makeup artist methods and didn’t bat an eyelash when I had to clean up the side of her face because I had managed to drag coral makeup (don’t ask; I was experimenting) all over her cheek and chin.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Podcast: Why Does Your Makeup Look Like Sh*t??

I’ve got some good news, my lovelies… I can now bestow my beauty knowledge and bitchiness through your speakers!  Oh yes! Webtalk Radio gave me a weekly show which you can easily find on iTunes or stream it through your internet browser. So forget listening to the same crappy music at the gym or in your car and listen to me!

Download My Beauty Binge podcasts for free via iTunes

Every week I will write an accompanying blog post so you don’t have to write down any of the products or links we mention in the show. And of course I will post any pictures we discuss! So enjoy and let me know what you think!

Show: Why Does Your Makeup Look Like Sh*t??

Summary: I know it’s a harsh question but trust me you’ll want to hear the answer. Whether you’re using the wrong products or the right products in the wrong way, there may be just a few alterations you need to make to your daily ritual! Join me as I chat with the ultra-talented makeup artist Maria Luxen, founder of Maria’s Make-Up Mayhem. Not only will we help you so that your own makeup doesn’t look like sh*t, we’ll pick on a few celebrities guilty of bad red carpet makeup, showing you that you’re not alone.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Sexy Black Kitty, Meow!

Sometimes I have the worst luck…  Today I woke up all all ready and excited for my Google+ Hangout (If you don’t know what that it is, it’s like a video chat that is broadcasted live on Google+ and streams to YouTube).   It was hosted by the insanely beautiful (hate her!) Samantha Lim, Editor-in-Chief  of the huge online fashion magazine FashionIndiefeaturing myself,  Christina Farrell, amazing makeup artist and founder of the The Makeup Blogger, and Stacy Reid, Founder and CEO of Tinte Cosmetics (which thanks to Stacy’s generosity I will be trying soon!).

So what happened? Well, Murphy’s Law reared its ugly head and my Internet decided to take a hiatus. So, unfortunately I missed the first few minutes of the Hangout and once I finally got into the Hangout I faded in and out and even froze a couple times (I could hear the others saying, “She’s a frozen kitten!”).  Now my drama aside, Christina did an adorable tutorial for an 80s costume and Stacy walked through several different viable Halloween looks.  You should definitely check it out here.

After the Hangout was over, I figured it would simply be a waste of a good kitty cat look if I didn’t do a YouTube tutorial! Don’t worry about writing down any of the products since I’m listing them for you at the end of this post:

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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sparkle Motion for New Year’s Eve!

I should have included “in moderation” in my headline.  A little too much sparkle can go very wrong, very quickly.   Let’s talk about how old you are…

– Teens:  Glitter is your friend. You are young enough to get away with it, so look like Edward from Twilight tonight and go crazy.  Seriously, if I were 20 years younger, I would apply a neutral like Revlon Diamond Lust in Bedroom Bronze all over my lid and then dip a Q-tip in lash gel (for falsies) or vaseline and trace my lash line.  Then, I would pull out the big guns and dip a Q-tip or flat-tipped brush in drugstore glitter pat it on, or if I had been saving my pennies, I would invest in MAKE UP FOR EVER Glitter in Blue 5 or Purple 9.  If I were 17, I would also be all about the glitter gloss, so I would coat my lips with LA Color lip gloss (I could mix every color since they are only $2 each).

– Twenties: Ladies, sparkle responsibly here. If you’re under 25, go bolder. If you’re over 25, your cuspy for the full-on glitter (even for New Year’s).  After 25, the size of the glitter gets smaller and more milled.  Your best bet, regardless of which side of 25 you’re on is MAKE UP FOR EVER Diamond Powder.  I’ll let Sephora explain,  “Diamond Powder combines both the pearly iridescence of Star Powder and the brightness of Glitter. The particles are finer and literally radiate extreme brilliance as soon as they are applied.”   I would use these powders as a wash over my entire lid, to line my upper and lower lash lines, and to highlight cheekbones and brow bones, and dab at the center of my cupid’s bow.

– Thirties: This is when we transition away from glitter and think shimmer.  Maria was generous enough to  give me the Vincent Longo Amaretti Diamond Collection baked eyeshadow set for the holidays. These shadows are gorgeous and perfect for creating a shimmery smokey eye.  Just like their website instructs, use a sponge tip applicator (like the ones you always throw away) or a Q-tip  (in case you’re like me and you did throw them all away) and draw a line on your upper lash line with one of the darker colors.  It’s okay if your line is a bit messy, because you are going to use a small blending brush or the side of a flat-tipped brush to blend the line upwards towards your crease.  This gives it that gradual fade. Then, I may smudge a little into my lower lash line, depending on how dramatic I’m feeling.  I will finish off with dipping my ring finger in the copper leaf shadow and pressing it into the inner corners of my eyes.

– Forties and Beyond: Okay ladies, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know here (and I apologize if this is harsh), but glitter and shimmer may not be age appropriate unless done subtly, VERY subtly.  What I consider subtle… taking a nice neutral shimmer like Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash in Champagne or Rose Gold and applying it with a large eye shadow brush as a wash over your entire lid.  Then, add a cream highlighter like Urban Decay Urbanglow  to your brow bone (to open your eyes and make them pop) and  from your temples to the center of your cheeks (to highlight cheekbones) and BLEND.

Don’t hesitate to break my age barriers and combine some of the tips above (just keep in mind, the older you are, the more dangerous sparkle becomes).

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy 2012!!  SPARKLE ON!

P.S. Lisi, I hope you appreciated my Donny Darko reference

Photo via Sing Lo

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Shocked (and Dismayed)… No Primer, REALLY T?

Yesterday I was catching up with my glamorous friend T and I was appalled to find out that this makeup-loving diva (she’s the type of woman people stop on the street to ask her how she did her eye makeup) doesn’t wear primer!  I just couldn’t do the math.  She was wearing perfect makeup but NO primer.  She started asking my opinion on powders and I simply couldn’t pay attention. I was too engrossed in staring at her primer-free skin:

T: “I’m thinking about going to pick up some new pressed powder. What are your thoughts?”

Now, keep in mind T has great skin, but I see the incumbent powder sitting on her skin over her visible pores (yes, everyone has pores, but thanks to primer, no one has to see them).  I look again. I can’t seem to grasp that this woman who can rattle off at least 50 eye shadow and lip gloss colors isn’t wearing primer.

T ignores my penetrating stare, “So what do you think?”

Me: “I’ll tell you what I think. I can’t believe you’re asking me about powder right now when you’re clearly not wearing primer.”

T puts her hands on her hips. I fear her attitude is about to make a sneak attack.

T: “Primer? What does that have to do with it?”

Me: “Primer has everything to do with it!  How can you think about putting on powder without prepping with primer?”

T: “Girl, I don’t need an extra step.”

An extra step?  Ladies, primer isn’t extra credit. It should be part of your core regimen!  T put her attitude away when she found out the following: 1) I wear primer on days I go makeup-free because it takes away the shine, fills in my pores and fine lines, and protects me from environmental agers of mass destruction.  2) Most primers are multi-taskers.

See my list of favorites below:

Bare Escentuals bareVitamins Prime Time 1 oz: I go through these so fast, I buy them three at a time.  This is my go-to everyday primer. It has a clear gel-like consistency that’s mattifying without being drying.  It fills in my pores, makes my lines less visible, and gives my skin an airbrushed-like quality.  It’s a total multi-tasker — In addition to the above, it protects from pollution and weather warfare, it has SPF, and, it’s “infused with soothing plant extracts, antioxidants, and nourishing vitamin C and E.”

When I Wear it Most: Workdays when I’m not wearing foundation (I only wear foundation if my skin is blotchy or has some redness.  Or, I have a meeting or drinks/dinner after work).  It’s also a staple on weekends and vacation when I don’t wear any makeup at all.  Not only does it control oil in warm climates, it covers my imperfections without wearing makeup.

Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion-Pore Perfecting:   It has a non-oily cream-like consistency which “sticks” to your pores, wrinkles, and other nooks and crannies. “Sticks” may be a strong word, or even the wrong word, because it doesn’t have a sticky feel, it’s more about the action of “sticking” to the skin. Does that make sense?  It is the perfect canvas for foundation.  It “sticks” the foundation to the sealed and smoothed skin.  My makeup can last through rain, hot subway stations, long days that lead into long nights, etc.  I will say it does seem to have a lightening affect, which I don’t love.  But, if I’m wearing foundation and bronzer, it’s inconsequential.

When I Wear it Most: Every time I wear foundation

While the above two are my favorites, I’ve heard gushing reviews from other beauty addicts and makeup artists about Napoleon Paradis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer.  You will simply have to wait until I give in and buy it.  Something tells me you won’t have to wait very long.


Photo courtesy =Muse1979

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Splurge: Gift-with-Purchase MANIA!

 If you read my Sunday Splurge last week, you know I’m a whore for free samples, especially deluxe samples.  Every year, the only thing that takes away my sorrow of Halloween being over is the new Gift with Purchase (GwP) offers from all my favorite sites for the holidays. Pathetic? Perhaps. I’m the first to admit it.  The important thing is I’m selective when it comes to choosing my GwP offers.  I follow the GwP Addict blog, so I could go hog wild and opt for every GwP out there… But no! I only use the codes from sites where I can easily get to the required spending amount (for example, it took me about 2 seconds to spend the $135 on Bliss to get the tote) and I know I will actually use the majority of the samples.

Selecting GwP codes is one thing, gaming the system is an art form.  Allow me to explain… In my pursuit for the best GwPs I saw that Sephora was offering “Choose 1-of-4 free “Holiday Prep Kits” with every $25 purchase.  Each kit includes several deluxe samples, and you can choose from Smokey Eye, Flawless Foundation, Beautiful Skin, or Fragrance Sampler.  Since I have what I need to create a smokey eye, I’m married to my foundation, and I only wear Bond No. 9 Scent of Peace, my decision was easy. The Beautiful Skin kit includes deluxe samples from Clarins, DDF, Urban Decay, and many other brands.

Okay, so spending $25 at Sephora is easy. The key is that it’s free shipping after $50.  So I simply divided up my order (totaling $160) into three separate orders. When I got to checkout I got quite the nice surprise. The Beauty Insider 500-point prize was a Fresh gift set! Jackpot! Unfortunately I cannot link you to the gift set since they are already sold out, but I can tell you (and not to rub your face in it) this was the best 500-point gift I’ve ever been offered from Beauty Insider. The kit included a large deluxe sample (at least a month’s worth) of Fresh Black Tea Age Delay Cream (which is rich, yet gentle for sensitive skin), a deluxe sample of the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser (my everyday cleanser), and a mini Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15. Luckily, I had over 2000 Beauty Insider points (yes, a little embarrassing) so I was able to use 1500 to add a Fresh gift set to each of my three orders. Voila! I got three separate boxes from Sephora, each containing a bevy of samples!

Besides Sephora, I wanted to make sure I got my hands on the Bliss Holiday Tote Bag. The samples come in a nice thick nylon tote bag (which I am already using to carry my heels to work), and they include deluxe sizes of brands like Bliss, Go Smile, and DDF.  The thing that got me salivating was the number of samples. Bliss was not skimpy about giving a bunch of great brands in nice deluxe sizes.  You have to spend $135 to get the tote, but since Bliss carries such staple brands like Skinceuticals and Sk-ii, you should have no problem getting to that number.


Okay, now that you’ve got the samples, what are you going to with them?  Watch my video on YouTube, showing you how to best organize and utilize your new spoils. Enjoy!

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